Splinterlands - Archmage BOT OR NOT?

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In my latest video I sit down with one of the dev's from the Archmage Automation service to talk about the controversial topic of bots.

00:00 Intro
00:56 What is Archmage?
02:57 Tokenomics / Distribution
05:46 ECR Update & 50% Rule
07:18 Win Rates
08:37 How Does Archmage Assemble Squads?
10:24 Does Archmage Learn?
11:01 How Many Users/Tokens?
13:04 Archmage Security / Hive Keys
14:44 How Would You Neutralize Bot Farms?
16:26 How will bots affect Splinterlands in the future?
17:52 How Can I use Archmage?
19:17 Criticisms
20:07 What makes you bullish about Splinterlands?

Archmage Discord: https://discord.com/invite/GF3ypmMwDD
Archmage Whitepaper: https://www.archmage.app/whitepaper/

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