Splinterlands: Top 15 Tools to Make the Most out of Splinterlands


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This video shows the top 15 tools that every Splinterlands player should have in their arsenal. Where applicable, just add your username to the links provided for details on your own collections.

  1. Splintercards Abilities: https://splintercards.com/abilities.php
  2. Reward Cards: https://kiokizz.github.io/Splinterlands/rewardCards.html
  3. Card List Price Analysis: https://splintercards.com/tool-market.html
  4. Missing BSX Upgrade Costs: https://splintercards.com/tool-missing-bcx.html
  5. Cards / Deck Worth / Rental Refresh: https://peakmonsters.com/@username/cards
  6. Rental History: https://peakmonsters.com/@username/rental_history
  7. Analyze Game Rewards: https://monstermarket.io/analyze-rewards
  8. Transaction Explorer: https://peakmonsters.com/@username/explorer
  9. SPS Airdrop Dashboard: https://peakmonsters.com/@username/airdrop
  10. SPS Airdrop Calculator: https://splintercards.com/tool-sps-airdrop.html
  11. Nodes Speed Test / Benchmark: https://peakd.com/me/tools/benchmark
  12. TribalDex Exchange DEC, SPS, HIVE etc: https://tribaldex.com/
  13. Splinterlands Dashboard Players, Games etc: https://peakmonsters.com/dashboard
  14. Coinmarket Cap info on DEC, SPS: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dark-energy-crystals/
  15. Splintertalk.io for news / updates.

I hope this will help some of the newer players get the most out of this wonderful game - where we can all play to earn!

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