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In my latest video we explore a feature of the game that is going to be immensely important if you want to increase your SPS rewards moving forwards. I think we've perhaps been sleeping on this with all these spectacular new updates we've been spoilt with recently in the Splinterverse.

So guilds are going to be a key factor if you want to supplement your SPS rewards in the future. And right now is the best possible time it's ever been to create a guild because of DEC's lower than peg value cost.

By looking at the yearly range of DEC that it's nearly at the lowest price it's ever been at. This means that any guild building purchases at the moment will be discounted by nearly 50% because of DEC's value currently. With the team's plans to bring DEC's value back up to the 1000 DEC to $1 peg, this is surely a limited opportunity which we should be quick to seize.

To create a guild there is an initial outlay of 10 thousand DEC. At current prices this is only around $5 dollars. Furthermore, to participate in brawls The Arena building can be constructed for only an extra 10k DEC. In total, to get you and your friends brawling and receiving those rewards you will have an initial outlay of only around $10 USD.

What makes this all the more sweeter though is that as mentioned by one of the Splinterlands devs - CryptoMancer in the latest townhall, the first thing Splinterlands are tackling next is brawls and their associated SPS rewards.

There will be 2.5 million SPS per month allocated to brawls, which will end after the 53 months remaining of SPS's distribution. This is around 132 million SPS which is up for grabs from players like yourself. But not only that, this change is said to be the first of many to the guild component of Splinterlands.

With talk of the Gladius cards being used on land as well as SPS rewards, and the bonus of increasing your collection power. Now more than ever is a fantastic time to be a part of a guild if you aren't already.

EDIT: This video was created earlier for my GOLD / DIAMOND tier members. Considering DEC's recent pump, the cost of guild creation has increased to $6.20 currently.

Check out the video for more information!

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You are right about the SPS reward in the guild.
Have you heard about the Huobi SPS trade opening?
I think this opportunity will help the market price of SPS to rise. It is possible that the price stay the same too.


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