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I believe there are some pretty great opportunities out there right now, if you have the dry powder.
Let's talk about how we can leverage this newly released knowledge in our latest town hall to our benefit.

Cards with the Giant Killer ability are already starting to increase in value. I myself have already purchased a bunch of all these cards in preparation for Riftwatchers because the Giant Killer ability sounds like it's going to be the biggest counter to most that Riftwatchers has to offer. By the sounds of things we're going to see several high mana cost creatures in Riftwatchers that could all be eliminated in 1 or 2 shots if the Giant Killer ability is implemented into our lineups.

My favorite pick here is a card that I recently featured in one of my latest videos regarding card pickups for the upcoming fire splinter Legendary airdrop Conqueror Jacek - and that is Djinn Inferni. This card is an absolute beast and the only one out of all of the Giant Killer cards that has the ability to instantly delete a number of cards in one hit. At max level he does 5 magic damage meaning he will eek out 10 damage in 1 hit to a card that has a cost of 10 mana or more. That's incredible. I think this card is going to be a huge problem to deal with considering it's synergy with Jacek too because no card is going to be safe wherever you put it in your lineup because of Jaceks scattershot.

Another thing that I wanted to point out here is the new Fury ability coming to the Riftwatchers release and the taunt cards that will be paired alongside it. Listen to Matt in my video talk about this ability.

So we know that there are going to be a number of new taunt cards that are coming to Riftwatchers as well as the fury ability. This will mitigate the annoyance of those taunt cards and allow us to more readily get around them.

Before we finish up, I wanted to talk about the new promo card for Riftwatchers which will be airdropped after the first 500,000 packs are sold in Riftwatchers. This will not be available in any other packs after the first 500,000 pack pre-sale.

What an amazing support card this is, and it's going to give a ton of utility to cards like Alvar and Grum.
Why? Well, because of their void armor and high amounts of armor, Oshuur is going to be be able to not only resurrect them but will also be able to get a heal in too because of their void armor and the inability to finish them off with a single magic attack. Oshuur will pair extremely well with both Alvar and Grum, because she'll be able to heal them both before they get killed increasing both of their sustainability. The beauty of both of these cards is that they both have Giant Killer too which we spoke about above.

For more information please check out the video!

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