My Deck evolurion on Splinterlands!

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It's been seven months since i started playing Splinterlands (i had created an account earlier though) regularly and it's really impressing how far i went in this sort period of time. I'm really proud of my self that i'm able to compete in Gold leagues almost instantly after the reset of the season, something very important to maintain and grow my account which is already good enough to finish the season with rating around 3000 and rank around 680!!!

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With the latest delegated gift a gold foil URIEL in the life deck, i have now over 150k CP that i need to compete in Gold II with no rents from the market saving some DEC that im using to buy cards and improve my decks!! My number one priority right now is to make all the summoners i owned at least level 4 to gain i playable lvl with my mobs, till now i had only the death summoner Thaddius Brood at lvl 4 which is one of my weakest decks, now with the purchase of 3 Kelya Frendul i have my second lvl 4 summoner making my water deck stronger, Angelic Mandarin Triage successfully added!

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