Somebody stop me!

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I'm addicted.
I can't stop buying cards from the market.
Today was a Fire Splinter day, buying the missing Tarsas was something i wanted to do for awhile, but since i played more often the other Splinters (i can play heavy melee with all Splinters except Death) i let it last. Finally the time has come and like that i bought 4 Tarsa from the market to make one more summoner lvl 4!!

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But as i said I'm addicted and not stopped in Tarsa, i also bought 6 Radiated Brute to gain lvl 5 making her great Fineas alternative (cheap and mana less version).

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Next is an amazing sneak card, Tenyii Striker is super strong, fast and now with his dodge ability more durable!! I was need 5 and 3.05$ to make him lvl 4!

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Fire Splinter depend heavily in Melee but the truth is that has some amazing magic cards like Djinn Apprentice, this dude at lvl 4 has 3 magic damage 3 speed and 4 health (this stat could be better) and easily can stand on any magic build. I was need 6 cards and 1.008$ to make him also lvl 4 and that's what i did!

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Last but not in the slightest least is Goblin Shaman, this card at lvl 3 gain a magic attack and along with it's amazing weaken ability is extremely valuable card, at lvl 5 gain also slow becoming super strong but i need 24 more cards for that, instead the lvl 3 is very achievable and i will do it soon!!

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With that i made my Fire Splinter a lot more stronger and more versatile, next come the upgrade of Obsidian at lvl 4 and some more additions.

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