Upgrading the Death splinter it was worthy!!

Yesterday i sold a lvl 3 GF General Sloan to make some upgrades, because i have already a normal one at lvl 4 it wasn't much of a miss except the CP. The first thing i did was the upgrade of Thadius Brood to lvl 5, since it was the most close to became lvl 5 (i needed just 5 cards) it was obvious move to make. With the leftovers i did some purchases on the death splinter to support summoners lvl. First of all i upgraded Harklaw at lvl 3 to get demoralise that has great synergy with Thaddius, along with immunity and shield Harklaw became one of my favourite tanks!!


Next was Cursed Windeku, this dude at lvl 5 gets the heal ability and along with thorns is an extremely useful card!!


Lira the Dark was a serious miss, that's why i added her in my deck!


What i was missing was a mana cheap dependable tank, a lvl 4 Animated Corpse for 5$ was super deal!!


I have also upgraded Dhampir Stalker at lvl 5 to get deathblow and i added the Dark Ferryman because the mana cheap cards on Death splinter has health problems...

In the end i had to check out if what i did was worthwhile, it seems that i made some serious moves!!
Check the following triple demoralise battle!!



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