Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum: Pirate Captain Battle Guide, Giveaway, and more!


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Card Impressions

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The pirate captain is available to everybody as of writing this post. We can all get this swashbuckling card added to our lineups at lvl 1 because it is currently a Spellbook card. This card is very utile at lvl 1 and it is a fair sniper that should be considered in any low many match. The card itself costs 3, has 3 health, 2 speed, and 1 attack. These stats are very good for a default Spellbook card. An unexpected twist against opponent's expecting the magic lineup for the Water Splinter.

Strategy and Placement

In the fight located here I placed pirate captain in third position. Our pirate fellow is good in any location aside from the front line. In this case he acts as an adequate 3rd position sniper with 2 tanks in front of him. He adapts well to the situation and attacks Firebeetle first, this reduces Firebeetle low enough to be targeted by Feasting Seaweed's opportunity later on. It should be noted that both lineups were assembled in this particular order due to the lack of magic cards being available for us, Cerberus and Tortisian fighter perform well as first position tanks in this fight.

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Numerous deaths occur over the battle feeding my Feasting Seaweed's max hp because of the "scavenge" ability. So by the time Tortisian Fighter dies in round 3 (many rounds of survival considering the enemy damage), it had a substantial max hp (7) going forward to first position. Firebeetle draws the hungry gaze of Feasting Seaweed's opportunity (due to pirate snipers ebbing damage) as my Feasting Seaweed's final blow to the backline.

pirate fight 2.png

My damage output was more directed at the backline, until Feasting Seaweed moved forward, but before that I was able to take out a few enemies reducing the enemy overall damage. This allowed for the survival of my secondary tank and continued bombardment by my backline later. The enemy no longer had targeted damage and Feasting Seaweed with it's engorged hp wrought havoc and took a beating. On top of that, Pirate sniper was still able to take out highland archer in the enemy backline.

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The enemy eventually falls, tank heal combined with my Feasting Seaweed's new max hp lead to considerable durability. It should be noted that without pirate captain being a snipe character there wouldn't have been the redirection of Feasting Seaweed's opportunity to kill Firebeetle and negate their backline damage, or to continue to target highland archer afterwards. Seagull and Tower Griffin provided an additional layer of survivability that turned the tide of the match also (Tank heal, Armor). And scavenge did very well with many small units on either side dying and adding max hp to my secondary tank throughout the battle. A fun fight to watch with a hungry, hungry Feasting Seaweed.

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Talking Tidbits with Azmare Pirate Shanty

According to lore a pirate captain's cutlass and pistols are his legacy and his honor, this likely originates from real-world origins relating to specific historical pirates like Edward Teech. Here is a quick little limerick based on existing pirate shanty also.

The seas they wail,
We batten the sail,
On this sea, wild and free,
until the final bell,
Sink into the Gorlordon's waiting hell.
The seas will wail,
This sea, wild and free.
Until the end comes for you and me.
To see what lurks within AZMARE

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum Giveaway

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Keep Summoning and See You in the #Splinterlands

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