Time Is Ticking For A Huge Move For Splinterlands !Technical Market Analysis


# Market Analysis
We were expecting the market price in Splinterlands to go down .what price has done in relation to what we expected the market to do.
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We had amount of opportunity to get our ultimate price out the Splinterlands market and actually infinity sep the and then again.you can see the market came and held our support area as long as was the case. we knew the applicable the correct movement was still going to be up as long as was the case and the market pretty much in actually infinity.
I'm going to take one of these price chart lines and we are going to see whether or not this market move in Splinterlands is still in an downtrend and we are the market so far is still in a downtrend but take a look at this though.we broke away from the trend in Splinterlands.

We broke that well we broke it and we need to see we broke away from this longer term line this very lower end descending line. we created another one market broke this near-term ascending line that's not holding up the price.
We can see hold up price in Splinterlands.the market prices 20 drop you will be trying to make you more fearful during emergency broadcast and saying the market is crashing. what is going on. you're still in an upward trend though in Splinterlands there's nothing to be worried about in terms of seeing the market go up.

The only thing we need to be worried about is the entry you want to buy it around 26 cents with the premise. it's going to bounce off this line exactly it's cheaper at 26 cents. we need to see is the market in Splinterlands going to go down .

We can kind of see the price go down.it's not really being exhibited extremely hard on the price the only introduction of weakness on this daily frame.this market definitely likes this area the market was going to go down and Splinterlands.

What we're getting so far and how much the market is trying to get price around 27 cents. what do you all think this is a markey time frame in Splinterlands. what do you all think can we see the market drop in the next weeks you look this volume look at that every price this volume is literally dry.

buying the value and actually fending was more than what it was around
30 cents

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