I have created a tool that allows you to search for Splinterlands card abilities


I'm sure all Splinterlands players have situations like this.

🔍 I want to know which cards have Heal at level 1
🔍 I want to list cards in the Modern League that have Affliction
🔍 I want to find out at what level XXX learns what abilities.

In such cases, it is a bit tedious to select a card from the in-game card list, open its status, check it, return to the list and open another card... It takes a lot of time and effort. It's a bit tedious and cumbersome, and it's not easy to operate because you have to go to a different page each time and you can't open the card in a new window.

There is a great website called Splintercards, but it seems to show all the abilities a card will eventually learn, and I think it is difficult to understand the relationship between the abilities and the level of the card.

So, I created a tool that lists all the abilities of all the cards and allows you to narrow down your search.

Ability Search | Splinterlands Lab

Narrowing down the search to cards with Heal at level 1

How to use

Specify the filter by selecting the cards by Edition, Element, Rarity, Level, Ability from the select box, or by entering a part of the card name in the "Name" field.

Click on the column name below the filter to sort the display order. For example, clicking on "Level" will sort the cards in order of decreasing level, and clicking again will sort them this time in order of increasing level.

When you hover the cursor over the thumbnail, an image of the card will pop up. You can check the status of the card at the target level.

An image of the card will pop up.

Specify multiple conditions

  • ✅ CTRL + CLICK to add multiple selections one by one
  • ✅ SHIFT + CLICK to select multiple cards by specifying a starting point and an ending point.

For example, if you want to examine cards from the Modern League, select Untamed, Dice, Chaos Legion, and their Rewards for Edition. From there, you can further refine your search by Element, Rarity, Level, Ability, and Name.

Narrowing down the Modern League cards that have Affliction


If you have any good ideas for making this tool more useful, please let me know. I would also appreciate it if you could report any oddities in the display.

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