How To Plan And Win Low Mana Matches



In order to master the game of Splinterland you have to be good at building teams with only a few mana available to you. The real trick is to try and combine as many abilities as you can, this will push the advantage in you favor, this will include the summoner and always try to fill all the slots.

Battle Line Up


Just Looking at the line up it looks like both of us are going for a speed buff, and this is a tried and tested strategy for good reason because it works, the goal here is to strike first and remove attacking enemy attackers, this will reduce the amount of damage that you will take in future rounds.

​ The other notable rule set is "Up To Eleven" this give all monsters the Amplify Ability so going forward with my theme, I put the Crystal Werewolf upfront his thorns attack will amplify and he also Silence I want to anticipate my opponent going heavy on magic, witch can be deadly as we all know.

Add Speed to Your Team and Cast Slow on you Enemy

For three mana the Baby Unicorn is a great addition to a low mana battle, giving the whole team a Speed increase plus one extra health, such a perfect combo, add in the one Armour from the Summoner and I have a good team and a high chance for a win.

Battle Strategy

The speed theme along with the opportunity will let me strike first at opponents monster with the least amount of life, as we were both going for speed and by the looks of it the same strategy, I managed to get the first two strike in but they armor was effective at stopping a fatal blow, you can get clues from both teams here like the use of the Chaos Agent in first spot, the dodge is very useful at evading a hit from my 6 speed boosted tank.

In the Match We Both Had One Miss Each

Also Don't under estimate the power of having a tank heal monster on your side, that's why I put the Crystal Werewolf up front as he also has a good deal of health points, even taking some damage I was able to get him healed once after taking poison.

The other great card in my collect would be the Silvershield Bard for one Mana I get swiftness and Cleanse, plus along with rule-set her one melee attack also play's an important part in the battle

Try and Have All Your Monster Attack Every Round

Watch the full battle Desktop Version

Watch the full battle Mobile Version

RULESET: Equal Opportunity



All Monsters have the Opportunity ability.


The Victory was mine in this low mana battle, remember to stack up you ability and combine them if possible, for example a tank with a lot of health points works well with a tank healing mage, It works even better if you add in another monster with Strengthen this ups the health points and also allows for a higher heal as well as allowing ally to team to be just that bit more robust.

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