When Your Risk Big Your Rewards Are Also Big

Interesting Trick

Hold onto your seats while I go through this risky trick and if you can pull it off it's a real game changer, for this to work you will need a martyr monster and another with camouflage. We are playing the little league rules here meaning only monster with four mana, so this plan has a good chance to work.

Let's Take a Look at What works

The Line up is very Even

The summoners are cancelled out as the opposition adds magic, my summoner takes it away, and we are both playing water so the pick of monsters should be similar as in this rule the choices are slim.

As well as only limited four mana monsters we can't use any melee monsters so it's magic and ranged and no damage monsters, great to see we both have the master card Dr Blight we both went with Kelp for the front card, simple reasoning is high speed, high health and only two mana, again we both selected Coral Wraith he has low health but pack a hard punch with two magic damage

That's where the same card pick differ, the other three are different I went with a tank healer, Crustation King and anticipating at least some range I picked Naga Windmaster not only does it hit with two range it also has headwinds to reduce the enemy's range attack by one, now my wild card entry is the martyr enabled Venari Marksrat

Based on the teams My plan looks good

Let's Get Into The Battle Tactics

So the main trick to pulling this off is hoping that your enemy has sneak monsters in play and let's be honest everyone has plenty of those available, but they are mostly melee so hence the risky nature of this plan as we are not allowed to select any ranged monsters, but as it happens the Coral Wraith is a sneaker so we are good.

There is always an element of chance

We want the sneaker to hit the back monster to trigger the martyr, but we put the good Doctor at the back so he will get the benefit from martyrs as well as the wind master, if this happens in the earlier rounds I get more firepower and win the match.

The other piece to my plan is to get at least one round of tank healing done and keep my ranged attacker away from the front spot as it happens his Dr Blight hit with affliction EVERY TIME, but no big deal because like a charm the martyr buys the farm in round two and my Dr Blight and Naga proceed to mop up the rest of his team.

Watch the match and copy in your battles

Watch the full battle Desktop Version

Watch the full battle Mobile Version

The rule set: Little League


Monster and Summoner that cost four mana or less can be used

How did things pan out

Sure this is risky and you also need Maryr monsters and also camouflage monsters, so to pull it off it might mean you have to build up your collection, but it's great when it comes off, so try it out and let me know how it played out. Thanks for reading

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