Curator Cat Considers: Splinterlands in the “Post Airdrop” Era


Good Wednesday evening, Fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia and surrounding communities! I hope this week has been treating you well, so far!

Let's have a look at this!

365 Days of Airdrop...

Naturally, I will not be the first to reflect on the year-long Splinterlands airdrop coming to an end... but I did find myself pondering the inevitable "what happens next?" question between naps this afternoon.

Whereas I am not actually a player of the game, I have long been interested in the ongoing development and growth of Splinterlands, all the way back from its first days as "SteemMonsters," when I was gifted a few "promotional" cards.

In many ways, it is one of Hive’s ”Flagship” dApps, particularly because it has received broad-based ”status and success” that is not just based inside the Hive community. Splinterlands was also the first dApp that allowed people — albeit indirectly — allowed people to buy into Hive with a credit or debit card.

My best blogging pose!

What's Next?

Now the 365-day airdrop has drawn to a close, which makes me pause and wonder what is likely to happen to the SPS, SPT and DEC tokens (all of which I have a modest stake in), since the daily income stream from airdrop has stopped.

If the current Tribaldex/Hive-Engine order books are anything to go by, the buy side seems to substantially outweigh the sell side, even if the general price levels are trending down. Mind you, it's still early days.

The way I see it, Splinterlands is one of the few things we have that actually has a leg to stand on, independently of the statement ”because I can make money with it.”

In and of itself, "making money" tends to be a flimsy marketing point because it typically disregards having a solid foundation to base such claims on.


To wit, history — across pretty much all types of investments and opportunities — will show us that the promise of ”free money” can be a very powerful attractor, but those who are drawn to such an attractor tend to be fickle and primarily loyal to their pocketbooks. When the "handouts" end, people leave.

Which leaves me with the question of whether Splinterlands-related tokens/assets will suddenly be subjected to the considerable selling pressure associated with a mass exodus, as a result of a bunch of people deciding to go in search of what they perceive to be ”free money,” somewhere else?


Thankfully, the Splinterlands gameplay itself seems fairly sturdy, and has a high degree of ”stickiness” in its own right. That said, I guess this is the time when we get to discover just what proportion of the overall pie is being held by passive lurkers only there for the airdrop, and what is being held by those actively involved.

I have no ”crystal ball,” of course... so I am not making any predictions here! But it’s still interesting to speculate on!

As for me?

Well, I plan to remain onboard with my small stakes and might even add a bit of stake here and there... simply because I believe in the project, independently of whether or not it is currently a good financial investment... which is somewhat the "old school" (pre-crypto) way of approaching investing...

Am I going to actually start playing? Nope. Unlikely. I may look a bit like Gamercat, but I am really more of a "Blogger Cat," so I think I'll just stick to what I know!

Thanks for stopping by!



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I'll have to get used to this new era without the SPS airdrop ... I felt so good before.


It was definitely a nice thing to have! I suppose all we can do now is wait for new features and developments.