The Digital Dash Guild is recruiting!


The Digital Dash Guild is currently recruiting new members.

By becoming a member you are granted with relevant benefits such as:

  • up to 5% DEC bonus rewards per battle;
  • 3% OFF on items for sale in the Shop;
  • 40% Merit Bonus;
  • access to Gladiator Cards through Gladius Packs.

For those who may yet not be aware of it, joining a Guild is not only a way to extend Splinterlands gameplay but also a way to increase your Collection Power (CP) by getting Gladiator Cards.

Tatyana Blade.jpg

Digital Dash members are able to acquire these powerful cards and use them in Brawl battles to prove their true skills.

We are looking for:

  • Silver League players and above;
  • active players who are willing to contribute to the growth of the Guild;
  • participation in Brawl battles.

In case you're interested or know someone who fits the requirements and might be, leave a comment bellow and/or send us a join request.

Let's Digital Dash!


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