11 losses in the row. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

It can't just be me. I have presently been assigned with a daily challange of using the Earth splinter to demolish people in 5 worthy battles. Unfortunately, I've managed to have 11 losses on a row instead, and it can't just be me being shit at picking the right cards for the battles. I've been playing for nearly a month now, and used the fire splinter to excess quite successfully, however, the earth splinter feels week at the basic level.

Screenshot 20211002 084315.png

This was a surprisingly successfull pair of cards at 12 mana, and whatever else I manaded to assemble, with various mana limits, seems to be a beable attempt at success. I think I get most of the elements and what purpose they serve, and have an alright idea of where to place my cards and yet, I end up with results that are much less than satisfactory. Can anyone please tell me why this deck failed miserably?

Screenshot 20211002 091451.png

I have had a lot of success with, like I mentioned, the fire splinter and the water splinter, even the life splinter prooved strong. I can't figure earth out, and it's not like earth is weak, I mean I have had my ass kicked with earth decks before, but I simply can't get a good enough arrangement to make it worth wile.

Please keep in mind that all this is at the basic level of cards.