A trick to fill up your stash I didn't know about.


Here is how I myself a little airdrop boost in Splinterlands.

Screenshot 20210929 193659.png

If you're clued in on the whole DEC and the whole Airdop Points thing, then this article will most likely not be for you, but if you're a newb like myself, then this may be of interest.

I was introduced to the game roughly 2 weeks ago. A friend was kind enough to tell share his ref link, which I am sure landed him some tokens on the table, I have no idea what the ref fees are, but in return he dropped 40 SPS my way which was enough to get myself a spellbook and get the party started.

In terms of the learning on how the game functions and all the defi related intricacies, I was left to my own devices, which is why it took me so long to figure them out. for the next 301 days, Splinterlands will remain a small gold mine, which rewards players for being active in the game as well as for pulling in some of their resources for the purpose of in game staking, which I am sure is a pretty unique feature in itself for any game.

I have been trying to figure out how to connect any of my existing wallets, BSM, when I stumbled on a youtube video which basically explained the seemingly most obvious of things, namely the fact that the amount of DEC held will impact the size of my daily airdrops for the remainder of the 301 days. In short, the more DEC I hold, the more airdrop points I have which increases the amount of daily SPS tokens airdropped to my game, which I then can stake for further rewards. I realise that all of this could go much quicker if you already have enough DEC and SPS to simply drop them into the game and start staking, but if you're like me, with limited capital, starting off with under $200 these mini gains are exciting.

I had about 140 HIVE on my old STEEM account which I transfered with the help of Ecency to Splinterlands. Swapped the HIVE for a bit over 12k DEC and now am reaping in about 1.8 SPS per airdrop. SWEET. That's the trick. Convert as much HIVE or SPS into DEC and receive daily airdops of SPS. The daily APR on your staked SPS will continue to drop, but the airdrops will remain constant for the next 301 days.

The one thing I'd like to figure out is a way to get my hands on more SPS to put it into the game.

If you have read through this, and have some advice, please feel free to share in the comments!