Q&A part from Town Hall 21.11.2022


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1. DECB token - bond token for land
2. Guild Alliances
3. Soulbound Reward Cards

To me personally the Q&A part of each TH is always most exciting because there is a lot of information that can be gathered from reading inbetween the lines.

What sort of summary of the Q&A part would be most helpful to you? Being able to read all the answers that were given by the team? A list like this one or just my interpretation of what I was able to read inbetween the lines?

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  • Land and TD is going to implement more utility for older and less used cards through staking of those cards.

  • Land will be implemented as an additional game mode at first, not as part of the core game.

  • Land V.5 = redeem your plot claim --> location of your NFT on the map but not being able to reveal stats of your land plot.

  • land upgrade token / potions for land --> when we get to land 1.0 -> there might be the opportunity to spend DEC (will be burned) to improve your land stats (rarity). Also a bond token for land (DECB)... buy DEC and burn it to get a token that will be worth more than the DEC that was burned.


  • Wen Runi? They should be playable end of the year.

  • Still planning to reserve 5% of Runis for the company if not all of them are going to be minted.

  • At this point there won't be changes to Runis and how it works --> no rerolls by burning vouchers to change parts.

Brawls & Guilds

  • Riftwatchers will be implemented within the next couple of days in Brawls.

  • Fray changes are planned to happen every 3 months.

  • Guild Alliances (Mega Guild) - They can work together and get benefits together. Bonusses will be shared across the whole organization. Special guild alliances buildings that will require DEC, Runis,... Excisting guilds will be able to enter an alliance.

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Market & Card-Economics

  • Soulbound Reward Cards
    way too many cards atm but fewer reward cards would mean they would have to continuously create new cards. The goal is to make the game so that players enjoy the game and want to hold the assets for years and not to cash out on a monthly basis. The goal should be to build up the account and its assets over multiple years. For reward cards that will mean, that they want to change them to being soulbound like gladiator cards. The only way to get them is by playing the game. The higher the league the better the rewards, e.g. you'll get 5 copies of a common card and not just one. For burning cards you'll need a max lvl cards first. ETA is January at the latest.

  • Seasonal Rental: needs to be added to the roadmap.

  • Should there be a voucher shop?
    Matt would prefer to improve the overall system, rather than having a shop that is dedicated to spending vouchers. Too much risk of just seeing a pump & dump every time there is a sale

  • Matt would like to change the market fees. Base value of 2% that will go to the DAO. On top of that 3rd party markets can add their own fee. Meaning the markets will decide the additional fees.

  • Aggy and Matt don't think that DEC price for blood and power stones is too high but if the community wants it, it could be lowered.

  • Team agrees that there are too many cards, hence the proposals to burn cards and to incentivize combining cards

  • Most likely no changes to pack requirements for an guaranteed airdrop card, even though chaos packs are going to be burned.

  • Maybe Aggy will make a poll in MAVs if the sentiment has changed and the community would consider switching to DEC for RW.

  • Non Card Market ETA end of year

  • They are aware that they need to do something about free starter cards. Nothing concrete is planned at the moment.

  • Update on how cards are being grouped is being worked on. Meaning grouping of all untamed cards, including R & P and so forth. No ETA yet.

  • Possible to see proposals to burn RW or TD. For RW the DAO can decide. For TD there might be a monthly burn like for CL (Aggy is considering it)

Splinterlands Company situation

  • SL has only a limited amount of crypto on CEX. SL has no debts and does not hold any reserves. Cash is stored in certified banks, crypto in coldstorage multisig wallets. A lot of the crypto is in stablecoins. SL only uses exchanges when they need to swap assets.

  • Even if they decide to raise additional capital Aggy and Matt will still have a controlling share.

  • What can members do to help the company? still the same, being here, talking on discord, participating, buying, playing, promoting.

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  • Fees for player proposal have not been decided yet.

  • Splinterfest next year?
    Not a priority rn but they are hopeful.

  • TH on 12/26 and the week after? Inofficial one with Aggy but the team might not be there with him.

  • Aggy has hopes for a year end sale --> 13.12.2022 is deadline, they don't want big problems when there are less team members around due to Christmas and end of the year.

  • GLX staking bug? There was a bug, they fixed it and now it works again (Aggy kept it short, no details 🤔)

  • Staking of DEC?
    They could do it but Matt argues to be cautious. Everyone does it, that is why Matt prefers the bond token bc you are not creating inflation by creating more of the same token. Instead there is additional utility

  • Bringing in new players vs. improving things for existing players
    big part of the road map for next year is to improve the experience for new players.

  • Matt mined 3 BTCs in 2012. He stopped bc he only saw the small USD amount back then but did not think about how much it might be worth in the future. Matt wants to build products that incentivize to have that long term view on things and not just look a the current USD value.

  • Next week there will either no TH or Aggy won't be part of it.

Link to our German speaking community: https://discord.gg/xRcpDZTqUY
Link to our international community: https://discord.gg/b4vwGeagua


With regards to new Cards, in my perspective, production of new card sets are important and should be on a regular basis (quarterly or semi-annual). It is the only way to make the game fresh. I.E. Hearthstone releases new sets every quarter. In our case, it took us almost 1 year before we got Riftwatchers. The game gets stale if an entire year of no new sets.

Supply can never be perfect but I'd prefer we over supply than undersupply. Anything that can't be sold in a certain period of time are automatically burned.

I am on the fence regarding soulbound reward cards. We are built as a tradeable card game which is the opposite of having soulbound cards. I don't see this solving the issue of cards being farmed. People find ways. Besides the farming and selling keeps the prices competitive.


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