I Think Multisig On Hive Is Extremely Important For Individual Apps Success


I cant tell for sure, but most likely one of the key reasons for the relatively low success on Hive apps is the need for trust in what is suppose to be a trustless system.
It is still amazing that we have multimillions projects, or close to millions based on 100% trust on the creators of the project. The social reputation on Hive allows this.

Hive has no native smart contracts.

Hive engine has been doing an amazing job, but it is still growing it is not a general purpose smart contracts platform as well, but it is limited to a few types of smart contracts. Still much better then nothing ... all props goes to the team.

Multisig on Hive might enable at least some advanced level of security allowing apps to accumulate more funds and propelling them to a next level.

Having in mind the overall speed of development around here, I bet it will take at least a year before we see a proper implementation on this. Splinterlands mentioned that they plan to integrate this into their validator system for for SPS, so it might comes sooner.