🎨Splinterlands Art Contest🎨Week 242: PANDA PAN & MOSHISHI

hello creative artists from @alienarthive here returning to the community with my new artistic proposal for the @splinterlands weekly contest where every week many of us make artistic proposals and today a powerful and friendly warrior known as PANADA PAN

Today I wanted to design a character with an Asian theme and I thought of pandas and I created this powerful character and at the same time has a touch of friendly whose companion I came up with a small Japanese mochi gashapon that I own and well this is what I think today for #splinterlands and now I will leave you a bit of the process of creating this work

2 .png

3 .png

4 .png


6 .png

7 .png

And here ends my post today for this #alienarthive community with my new artistic proposal, I hope you all like it, we will see each other on another occasion with much more, I wish you all a good day

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