Afternoon Run - a quick one before it got dark


I just finished a 5.902km running that lasted about 0hh:35mm:13ss !


TL;DR - Meant to go for a run earlier but got distracted lol... better late than never!

Well I had good intentions to go for a run when I got up today, and then stuff kept getting in the way. First there was ironing, then I needed to wash the pots. Then my brother decided to come over so I needed to make an effort and tidy the house... after we finished catching up and he headed home, I then remembered I needed to pick up my my partners prescription from the pharmacy..


By the time I finished all that, it was almost 3pm. The nights are starting to draw in here as we move closer to Winter, and my favourite route to run has no lights on it, I chose to lace up my trainers and head straight out...

The run itself was nothing special, but I did try to go a little bit faster on the way back, just for a change of pace... and now that I'm back home I can now carry on eating cake! ;-)

The next run should be on wednesday, and hopefully I'll be a bit better organised on that day haha!

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