Weekly Challenge - WOOD NYMPH


I remember back then, Wood Nymph is the first card that I rented. I was amaze how this card make the tank much tankIER!

Reason why you should choose WOOD NYMPH!
  • Low mana and the attack type was magic(Can be boost by the summoner Obsidian)
  • Has STRENGTHEN Ability at level 6 (All friendly Monsters have increased Health)
  • TANK HEAL Ability (Restores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round and the main reason why we use wood nymph!)

Wood Nymph is healing Hill Giant and Venari Scout is jealous :(

Here's a sample battle how effective Wood Nymph as a support!


Replay 💻 | Replay 📱

As you can see Hill Giant is able to receive a total of 8 damage(attack + thorns dmg) from Cursed Windeku even it's HP is only 6, that because Wood Nymph is healing Hill Giant!

Details of the cards I used
The tank of the team, low damage but high health.
It heals our tank because it has the TANK HEAL Ability and use magic as attack type the advantage of that It never miss unless the enemy monster has phase ability (Magic attack can miss this Monster (using the same hit/miss calculation as for Melee and Ranged attacks)
Additional damage source and has Opportunity Ability (Monsters with opportunity may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health)
The Summoner that I use, It gives all you monster an ability called THORNS (When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker). Although Hill Giant only do 1 damage, with thorns it's damage output per round to windeku became 3.

Spineback Turtle has thorns it deals 2 damage to the attacker

I would also like to mention this earth Summoner, it boost Wood Nymph magic attack by 1

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Hill Giant health is always helpful in low mana cap