Splinterlands - Learning slowly but surely

This is my second season on Splinterlands and I was able to finish another quest.

Completed quest.PNG

It took me four days before I was able to complete the quest. I tried different card combinations but it seemed that I was always outmatched or out smarted by my opponents. Below are the last 16 matches as you can see, I was only winning about one every four or five matches. I was getting very frustrated but I kept going.

Final four match.PNG

Next to last four matches.PNG

Middle four matches.PNG

first four matches.PNG

Every opponent had a higher rating so I guess I was lucky to have won. I claimed my reward and it was a rare Dark Ferryman. I have won two of these cards so far completing quest. Hopefully I can win more to level it up.

Dark Ferryman card awarded.PNG

On to the next quest which is the "Life Quest". Hopefully it won't take as many matched to complete this quest.

Next quest.PNG


These trials and errors will surely help you develop great techniques as your pack of cards grow in the future.