Earth Splinter Triple Heal Build for Silver


Battle Replay:

Now, it's not too often I share builds, but here is a simple build that's been allowing me to rank up pretty quick in Silver.

Essentially, this build relies on 3 key cards and their respective levels.

1. Flesh Golem (minimum level 3)


I think this card needs no introduction, Flesh Golem is a popular card known for it's tanky HP and also its Heal ability. With the self-heal, even Bronze league players may find this a perfect companion especially for builds based around the Thorns ability.

In my particular build, I used a level 5 card (as that's the level cap for Silver) but anything above 3 works as well.

2. Wood Nymph (any level)


Another popular card, Wood Nymphs are an essential component in most Earth decks. The early unlocking of the Tank Heal ability enables a lot of different builds to be formed around Melee frontliners. The Magic damage that's unlocked also enables the Wood Nymph to provide some firepower, albeit with lower speed.

In my build, any level Wood Nymph is fine, as the main requirement is its Tank Heal ability. It's also commonly used for Bronze builds since it enables heals from level 1.

3. Khmer Princess (minimum level 4)


A card not commonly seen in Silver (except as a cheap Magic damage dealer), the Khmer Princess is a hidden gem in most games. The combination of a Tank Heal ability and Magic damage, enables it to become comparable to a Wood Nymph. In fact, at level 4, the Khmer Princess is a default choice as a healer due to its lower Mana requirement (just 2) compared to Wood Nymph.

For this build, the level 4 Khmer Princess is a must, to enable its Tank Heal ability. Thus, it's mostly useful in Silver and above.

The Build

As seen in the video, the general arrangement for most matches is....

Flesh Golem > Secondary Tank > Khmer Princess > Wood Nymph > Backline Attacker > Backline Attacker/Tank

Having Khmer Princess in front of Wood Nymph is pretty important as Wood Nymphs are pretty fragile. The extra HP from the Khmer Princess can help tank a hit or two before the Wood Nymph gets damaged.

Even with the 9 HP (3+3+3) heals, the Flesh Golem MAY die sometimes as it doesn't have any good protection. Hence, it's always good to place a decent tank in the second slot to be able to tank some hits, while your backline whittles them down, round after round.

As a quick summary, this build heavily depends on the heals that Flesh Golem uses to tank through opponents hits. Any opponent that intends to kill Flesh Golem needs to do at LEAST 7 damage, which is... pretty impossible considering most monsters do less than that. Couple that with a Mylor Thorns combo and you can imagine this build being pretty impenetrable.

What are your thoughts on this build?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading :)


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