Happiness in Loosing. Splinterlands Ranked Battle Report: Djinn Apprentice.

I started my journey here by sharing drawings and illustrations of both splinterlands and normal ones. And recently I've started sharing my battle reports and also participating in the weekly share your battle challenge contest.

All of these battles were about some of my successful wins and awesome battles. But, for the first time, I'm sharing a battle report of one of the battles that I actually lost. But, there's a reason behind sharing it. This one is a quite new experience for me. I'll explain it in the slightest detail below.

Here's My Battle Lineup:

Screenshot 2022-10-15 223529.png

And my battle link:

As you can see from the screenshot my enemy used a Life Summoner named General Salon which is a chaos legion card. This summoner has the ability to increase the ranged attacking ability of every friendly monster by +1.
And the summoner I used is named Tarsa. Tarsa is also a chaos legion card and a Fire Summoner. Tarsa is also one of the popular summoners in splinterlands and one of my favourites. Tarsa has the ability to increase the health and melee attacking ability of every friendly monster by +1.

Now about their ability and the card's lineup:

Screenshot 2022-10-15 223610.png

As you can see some changes happened on the battlefield due to the abilities of the summoners we both used. As you can see that the enemy monsters got higher ranged attacking abilities and the friendly monsters got more melee attacking abilities and life levels.

No, from my shot experience from playing splinterlands I guessed that I'm going to easily with the battle as most of my enemy monsters was ranged attacking and the only two strong monsters of my opponent were his first and last card. Taking down the first monster wouldn't be that tough because of the monsters I used especially the Living Lava monster that I used in the first place. Living lava is one of the strong monsters that play under the fire splinter to be used in the first position of a lineup. It's the amazing melee attacking ability, high life level, 2shields and the ability called shield that makes it almost invincible.

And my Tenyii Striker would easily take down the monster in the end. You may think why would I say that the monster, in the end, is harmful to me? Because that card is also a ranged attacking monster. But, please note that this monster has the double strike ability which allows it to attack its enemy cards twice at a time. Normally it'd give a 2+2=4 damage to my monsters. But, because of the increased ability that it got from the summoner now the card could provide damage of 3+3=6 damage to my monsters.

Even after these facts, I wasn't worried because of the sneak ability of my Tenyii Striker. But, somehow I missed a single and simple detail and that simple and small detail turned the whole match. The first monster of my opponent has an ability named Taunt. This ability attracts every attack to itself. And this is where the problem happened. My Trnyii Striker was attacking the first card while that monster with double striking ability was destroying my cards. Even in the end when I was just about to win, even in that time my reason to lose was this single card. I took down my Djin and I lost the battle.


Djinn Apprentice.jpg

Djin Apprentice is a magic-attacking monster that plays under the fire splinter. This is a chaos legion rare monster. This monster costs 5 mana caps to use in battle and the speciality of this card is the magic attacking ability of this monster. Now you may ask why I'm particularly explaining this card. It's because this card is the theme of this week's challenge. And now, I'll also explain the performance of this card in this battle.

Now, as you can see that the first monster of my opponent had shields and the 2nd enemy monster had an ability called repair. With this ability, it can heal the shield of any friendly monster. So, even with a strong melee attacking ability, My Living Lava was having a hard time breaking through it. This is where my Djin came to help. Because magic is the only attacking power that can penetrate through any shields without any reduction in the damaging capacity and most importantly, it never misses. I was so much close to winning this battle that I was still thinking that I might win even in the last round. And believe me when I say the credit goes to Djin Apprentice. If it weren't for this card, I'd easily lose the battle. Now I'm glad that I at least put on a good fight and it was an interesting battle.

Screenshot 2022-10-16 041519.png

Well, even if I lost the battle and both my strategy and lineup failed, I still wanted to share it with you all. Because it's an interesting one and there are a lot of things to learn from it by researching about it.

  • I hope you liked my post and battle strategy. I tried to bring up the main facts of my whole battle in this battle report of mine. Those of us who play the game, know how things work. So, we will understand what actually happened in the battle from these main facts. And as for those of you who don't know about the game, this will increase the curiosity of the newcomers and you'll find it amazing to see the match live by visiting the battle link I included before. I'd like you to join splinterlands, you can use my referral link to join and please follow me on Twitter.

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Out of all the Chaos Legion summoners, I would say that General Sloan is the most underrated. Ranged attackers are limited as they have low health and cannot attack on the first position, however, when used strategically and in combination with other cards, they can be unstoppable.