Splinterlands Battle Report. Life Sapper.

In this week's, share your battle contest, @splinterlands has challenged the players to play, win and share their battle report with a fantastic card that is named LIFE SAPPER. This card plays under the Death Splinter and is one of the Rare cards available in the game. This monster was launched in the game with the Chaos Legion era and was provided to every player for free to get experience.

So, as you have already guessed, this post is about my battle report of a ranked match of splinterlands played using the card LIFE SAPPER. And through this post, I'm willing to take my participation in the weekly share your battle challenge contest arranged by @splinterlands through this post. Below here I'll explain my battle strategy.

Here's My Battle Link:


Screenshot 2022-09-24 230226.png

  • Here's the summoner I and my opponent used. My summoner's capability is it can decrease the health and magic attacking ability by -1. And my opponent's summoner's ability is it can increase the attacking speed of all friendly monsters by +2, all the friendly monsters will get the Scattershot ability and Piercing ability. Which made my opponents really strong and impossible to defeat.
    Screenshot 2022-09-24 230314.png
  • I believe it was my lineup and strategy that helped me to win. Otherwise, it'd be impossible to win this match. And, the Life Sapper which is the theme card of this post and the first card that I used helped the most in winning this match. The first monster in my lineup has the ability named Thorns. It reflects any melee attack that hits this card which helped a lot. Also, the monster that the opponent used in the end was continuously attacking my Life Sapper. But, it couldn't do anything. Because my monster would heal itself in the next round using the Life Leech ability. So, the enemy monster's one attack was wasting in every round while my monster was attacking and healing itself in the meanwhile. This is one of the reasons I like to use this card in my battles. And to protect it I use strong monsters before and after it in the lineup.
    Screenshot 2022-09-24 230930.png
  • Healing itself after attacking.
    Screenshot 2022-09-24 231313.png

Screenshot 2022-09-24 231217.png

  • And after some rounds of struggling, I finally won the battle. All thanks to my cards with abilities like, sneak, thorn, and life leech. These are really some tricky abilities that I choose for the battle. And was able to win the battle, even against stronger opponents.
    Screenshot 2022-09-24 231404.png

  • I hope you liked my post and battle strategy. I tried to bring up the main facts of my whole battle in this battle report of mine. Those of us who play the game, know how things work. So, we will understand what actually happened in the battle from these main facts. And as for those of you who don't know about the game, this will increase the curiosity of the newcomers and you'll find it amazing to see the match live by visiting the battle link I included before. I'd like you to join splinterlands, you can use my referral link to join and please follow me on Twitter.

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Link to the contest:


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Thank You.


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