Splinterlands Ranked Match Battle Report. Drake of Arnak.

This post is to share my battle report of playing a ranked battle using a dragon summoner of splinterlands named Drake of Arnak. I'll share my experience and battle report with you in this post. I'm also writing this post to take my participation in the social media challenge contest arranged by @splinterlands. To take participation in this contest one must write a post in the hive blockchain about splinterlands and share it on any social media. Then he/she will need to share the link to both posts in the contest's comment section. I've decided to share a battle report to participate and I'll be sharing my battle report now,

Drake of Arnak thumb.jpg

Dragon Splinter

Because this post isn't about any specific cards like I usually write about. I'll explain how the dragon splinter works here. While you use a dragon splinter, you'll also get access to use cards from one other splinter/element. Surely you'll be using cards from the dragon element too but you'll get the opportunity to use others too. Like I used a Dragon Summoner named Drake of Arnak and as for normal cards, I used the cards from the Fire Splinter. Fire monsters are well known for their strong melee abilities. This card series also contains some powerful ranged and magic-attacking monsters. And my summoner has the power to provide a +1 shield for every friendly monster. This combo made my lineup really strong.

  • Now, let's discuss my battle:

Screenshot 2022-11-18 023353.png

My opponent was using a death summoner that had the ability to decrease the magic attacking ability of my monsters by -1 which was a problem for me. Because the card I used as my strongest one was a magic-attacking monster with the ability to deal 3 life damage. Another problem with the summoner from my opponent player was it also had the ability to decrease the life ability of its opponent's monsters by -1. My cards were strong but they all had less life compared to their attacking abilities. this was a serious problem for me. But this is where the ability of my summoner came in aid. It helped me to prevent attacks with the shield abilities.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 023411.png

Living Lava

As you can see in the lineup I used the Living Lava in the first position of my lineup. I most of the time use this card while using fire monsters because of the shield ability. With that, this card also has 2 shields and 6 life levels. It also has a strong melee attacking ability. Making it the perfect choice to use in the first place.

Living Lava (1).png

Teyni Striker

Then in the second place, I used the Teyni Striker. I use this monster because of its high life level and sneak-attacking ability. Another reason is when I use it with my fire summoner the melee attacking ability of this monster also increases and it's a huge benefit for me. Because of having a good amount of life capacity, this card can also be useful if in any case, my first monster falls.

Tenyii Striker.jpg

Serpentine Spy

And then I used my favourite card amongst fire monsters that one can use at the cost of low mana. It's the Serpentine Spy. This card costs only 3 mana caps to use in battle yet it has the ability to deal 2 melee damage on each attack including 3 attacking speed. The main speciality of this monster is the opportunity ability. But, this card has a weak point and that is this card has only 1 life capacity and can be taken with a single weak blow from enemy monsters. But, thanks to my summoner's ability, this wasn't a problem and my card was able to survive longer.

Serpentine Spy (1).png

Djinn Inferni

And then I used the Djinn Inferni. I recently purchased this card. Yet it has become one of my favourites. It is because of the strong magic attacking ability, fast attacking speed and the special ability named Giant Killer. This ability helps it to deal double damage against monsters that cost more than 10 mana to use in battles. Normally these are the monsters that are used in the first position of a lineup. 3 magic attacking abilities and this Giant killer ability combinedly can make this card a real beast for that monster.

Djinn Inferni.jpg

Scavo Firebolt

Then in the last position, I used a ranged attacking monster named Scavo Firebolt. This monster costs 4 mana caps to use and has 2 ranged damage-dealing abilities.

Scavo Firebolt.jpg

My opponent had 3 sneak attacking monsters and among them, the Sand Worm was really dangerous and a matter of worry. But, thanks to the shields that my monsters got because of the summoner, I was able to win the battle. Otherwise, it was a sure loss for me.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 023432.png

Screenshot 2022-11-18 023533.png

  • I hope you liked my post and battle strategy. I tried to bring up the main facts of my whole battle in this battle report of mine. Those of us who play the game, know how things work. So, we will understand what actually happened in the battle from these main facts. And as for those of you who don't know about the game, this will increase the curiosity of the newcomers and you'll find it amazing to see the match live by visiting the battle link I included before. I'd like you to join splinterlands, you can use my referral link to join and please follow me on Twitter.

My referral link to splinterlands:

After visiting the link you'll be able to see everything for yourself in the game and do your research. You'll then need to purchase the spellbook to create an account and play the game.


Link to the contest:

You can take participation in the social media contest of splinterlands by creating a post about splinterlands and sharing it on your social media accounts. I'm participating in this one too and here's the link to that contest:


There's also another contest called the Share Your Battle Challenge contest. You can participate there too by following the rules. Here is the link to that contest from this week:


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Will see you soon with something new or another exciting battle to share with you all.

Thank You


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice post but posting challenege entries for long with only all level 1 cards may consider post farming


I've purchased a few cards and packs. But, the summoners are really expensive. I do have plans to upgrade Tarsa and some other summoners. For now, I just rent strong summoners to win battles.
Anyway, thanks for the info and curation @splinterlands & @mango-juice


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