Splinterlands Ranked Match Battle Report. LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.


Feels good to be back again after this long break. But, even when I was away, I kept playing splinterlands and was also keeping an eye on the contests. So, I hopped back on as soon as I became available to continue my work here. And I'm looking forward to continuing this sharing and also planning to start a new project about splinterlands. I'll soon share the announcement post. Now, let's talk about today's topic.

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  • I'm submitting this post to confirm my participation in the weekly share your battle challenge. It's a contest where you'll need to play a ranked battle in splinterlands with a specific card and then share your battle report in the Hive Blockchain following some rules mentioned in the contest's announcement post. You'll then need to share this post on any social media and comment on the link of your hive post and social media post in the announcement post. That's how you'll be able to participate in the contest. To learn more, read the announcement post following the link given below.


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  • I decided to share my battle but I didn't have the specific card. This week's challenge is to play with a Neutral monster from the chaos legion card series named LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.So, I decided to purchase the card from the market. But, it was out of my budget and then I rented a level 1 card from the market and played a few matches until I got the one I need to write a battle report.


Legionnaire Alvar.png

The LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR is a neutral legendary monster from the chaos legion card series with a melee attacking ability. This monster costs 9 mana caps to use in battle. It has a level 3 damage-dealing melee attacking ability, 2 attacking speeds and especially life capacity and 8 shields. These shields are way more effective because of the special ability that this card has. The ability is named VOID ARMOR. Normally magic attack can directly hit any monster's life while avoiding the shields. But, because of this ability, enemy magic attacks will hit its armour/shield first and then his life. Having 8 shields makes this monster invincible to the range and melee attacking monsters and this special ability of Void Armor helps it to stand strong against mighty magic attacks. In my opinion, this monster is the perfect card to use in front of any lineup. I'm planning on purchasing this card permanently as it will surely help me to win battles and grow my rank.

  • My Battle report.

Battle link:


Battle link


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I used an earth summoner with the ability to increase the magic attacking ability of every friendly monster by +1 named Obsidian. And my opponent used a fire summoner with the ability to increase +1 melee attacking ability and +1 life capacity. To be honest, both of these summoners are my favourite and strong in their own way. I don't think it'll be wise to compare them neither they are comparable.


Screenshot 2023-01-23 172855.png

Normally, I used the LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in the first position. But, this was a 99mana cap battle and for this reason, to be safe, I used another strong monster in the second position.

In the second position, I used the Unicorn Mustang. This card is a beast with fast attacking speed, strong melee attacking ability, huge life capacity and a special ability named, Void. This ability helps the monster to get half damage from the enemy magic attacks and it makes the card also strong enough to hold the first position of the lineup.

Unicorn Mustang.png

Then in the third position, I used a healer. This is a chaos legion earth monster with a magic attacking ability named Goblin Psychic. But, this is not it. The speciality of the monster is its Tank Heal ability of it. With this ability, this monster can heal the monster in the first position of the lineup. This is a huge help for front-line monsters to hold the position.

Goblin Psychic.jpg

Then I used the REGAL PERYTON in the fourth position. This monster is the one with the fastest attacking ability in my lineup, This one is also a magic attacking monster. And the speciality of this monster is the Flying ability of it. This helps the monster to dodge ranged and melee attacks from enemy monsters.

Regal Peryton.jpg

And then I used the Goblin Tower in the fifth position. This one is a ranged attacking monster with 2 ranged attacking abilities, 3 life and 3 shields. The speciality of this monster is the Blast ability of this monster. This ability helps the monster to provide blast damage to any monster that is next to the monster that gets hit by the ranged attack of this monster.

Goblin Tower.jpg

And in the end, I used the MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN. This monster is also a magic-attacking monster. And it is one of the strongest ones. This monster costs 9 mana caps to use in battle. It has 10 life capacities, 2 magic attacking abilities and 2 attacking speeds. There's a reason behind using it at the end of the lineup. This monster's special ability is Taunt. Because of this ability, all the enemy monsters attack only this monster and this gives a chance to my other monsters to stay alive and finish the battle. I used to use it in the second position as a backup. But, it looks like this monster sacrifices itself and dies first. So, I decided to use it at the end as this monster is already going to die quickly and my frontline is also set as strong enough to hold the position against any attacks.

Mycelic Slipspawn (1).jpg

This was all about my lineup. I won the battle, but it wouldn't be an easy battle to win if my opponent hadn't made a simple mistake. I don't know why, but he/she used a monster with the REACH ability in the first position instead of a strong monster that was supposed to use in the first position.

I hope you liked my post and battle strategy. I tried to bring up the main facts of my whole battle in this battle report of mine. Those of us who play the game, know how things work. So, we will understand what actually happened in the battle from these main facts. And as for those of you who don't know about the game, this will increase the curiosity of the newcomers and you'll find it amazing to see the match live by visiting the battle link I included before. I'd like you to join splinterlands, you can use my referral link to join and please follow me on Twitter.

  • My referral link to splinterlands:

After visiting the link you'll be able to see everything for yourself in the game and do your research. You'll then need to purchase the spellbook to create an account and play the game.


  • Link to the contest:

You can take participation in the share your battle challenge contest of splinterlands by creating a post about splinterlands and sharing it on your social media accounts. I'm participating in this one too and here's the link to that contest:


There's also another contest called the Social Media Challenge contest. You can participate there too by following the rules. Here is the link to that contest from this week:


My Twitter profile:


Will see you soon with something new or another exciting battle to share with you all.

Thank You


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You seemed to be pretty amazed with only a level 1 card.
You’d be surprised to see how much strong is the maxed level cards can do.
Anyway, your strategy looks fine. Good job with the lineup
@tipu curate 6