Splinterlands Ranked Match Battle Report. Magi Necrosi. Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge Contest.


Today, I'm here to share a post about one of the ranked battles that I played in splinterlands. And this post is to participate in the weekly SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE contest arranged by the @splinterlands team. I played this battle using a death monster named Magi Necrosi. You can also join the contest and share your battle report following the contest rules. They publish a new contest every week with a new challenge and this week's challenge is to play with this monster and share your detailed battle report. You'll find more details about the rules in the announcement post submitted each week. There's the link to this week's contest. I'll put the link below.

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Magi Necrosi

The Magi Nercosi is an epic death monster from the chaos legion card series. This is a magic attacking monster that costs 6 mana caps to use in battle. And it got a fast attacking speed of level 4. These alone make this card good for use in any battle but it's the special abilities that make this card the best to use in any battle. First of all, comes the snipe ability of this card. This ability helps this card target magic and ranged attacking monsters. No matter where they are positioned in the lineup. This actually helps a lot during the battle to wipe out the annoying magic or ranged attacking a monster that can't be targeted by my sneak-attacking monsters or by my monsters in the frontline. And then comes the camouflage ability. This is an outstanding ability that can make any monster special. This ability helps the Magi Necrosi to be safe from any sneak or snipe attacks. Meaning, it can't be targeted by any enemy monsters unless it's positioned in the first place of the lineup. That's more the reason why I used it at the end of the lineup. Cause, I know that'll be the safest place to put this card.


My Battle Report:

I used a death summoner that has the ability to decrease the magic attacking ability and life of every enemy monster by -1. And my opponent used an earth summoner that has the ability to increase the magic attacking ability of every friendly monster by +1. I'd say I choose the perfect summoner to counter his/her's summoner.

Battle Link:


My Lineup

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In the first position I used the Bone Golem. The Bone Golem is a melee-attacking death monster. The life capacity, melee attacking ability, and shields make this monster perfect to use in the first position of a lineup. And it also has the VOID ability that helps it to get half damage from any magic attacks. And it was perfect to use against my opponent. Because he had a lineup full of magic-attacking monsters.

And then I used the Silent Sha-Vi. The Silent Sha Vi is also a death monster with a melee attacking ability. The speciality of this monster is its sneak ability. This ability helps the monster attack the monster positioned at the end of the lineup. It was quite helpful in this specific battle. Especially, taking out the Goblin Psycic at the end of my opponent's lineup. The tank healing ability of that monster could be the reason for my loosing if it wasn't taken out by my Silent Sha Vi.


Then in the third position I used the Undead Badger. The Undead Badger is also a death monster with a melee attacking ability. The speciality of this monster is its sneak ability. This ability helps the monster attack the monster positioned at the end of the lineup. This was also helpful just as same as the Silent Sha Vi. And the more special thing about this monster is that it only costs 2 mana caps to use in battles.


***Then I used the Life Sapper. The Life Sapper is a magic-attacking death monster. It only costs 3 mana caps to use in battles. This monster has a unique and special ability called the Life Leech. This ability helps the monster gain a +1 ability every time it hits an opponent monster. But, this time it wasn't helpful because it was hitting the Mustang Unicorn which had the Void ability and it wasn't able to heal itself. But, it's always helpful to me in other battles.


Then I used the Soul Strangler. The Soul Strangler is a ranged attacking monster that play's under the death splinter. This monster has the ability to deal the damage of 2 ranged damage attacks. And it only costs 3 mana caps to use in battles. Perfect to use in a battle with less mana cap limitation.


And then in the end I used the theme card of this post and this week's contest. I've already talked about the card and the reason behind using it at the end of the lineup. So, let's skip to the strategy part.

  • My plan was to hold the attacks using my Bone Golem and use my snipe and sneak monsters to destroy the enemy from the middle and the end. As you can see my opponent used magic-attacking monsters mostly and had no strong monster at the end of the lineup. It was quite easy for me to win the battle. And all my precautions worked perfectly against my opponent.

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I hope you liked my post and battle strategy. I tried to bring up the main facts of my whole battle in this battle report of mine. Those of us who play the game, know how things work. So, we will understand what actually happened in the battle from these main facts. And as for those of you who don't know about the game, this will increase the curiosity of the newcomers and you'll find it amazing to see the match live by visiting the battle link I included before. I'd like you to join splinterlands, you can use my referral link to join and please follow me on Twitter.

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Will see you soon with something new or another exciting battle to share with you all.

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