The Cards I'm Renting From the market currently.

The renting system of splinterlands is really an amazing thing. And this will be today's topic and I'll also share the details of the monsters and summoners that I've taken on rent from the market to do better in the battle.

How does the renting system work here?

Well, basically it's what the name suggests. Here, players can rent cards to others and earn from them. They can buy cards that are of high price but has a huge demand on the market. Or a player can rent the cards that he owns but he/she doesn't use them much in battles or they don't need them. They then can just rent those cards and earn profits. There's another fact, imagine you bought a card for 10$ and you are waiting for the price to reach 15-20$ so you can make a profit. So, let's imagine the price is now stuck at 8$. Now, what will do? You don't need this card in your battles and you won't even sell it at loss or without a good profit. You know the price has a chance of increasing in 1 year or 6 months. So, the card will just stay in your account this whole time without giving you any benefit.


This is where the rental system comes in. You can just rent out that card or the cards you have invested in and wait for a profit. Other players that need this card but can't afford to buy it because of the high price, will just take this card use for themselves by paying you a fixed rent per day. In this way, you're making some extra profits, and the player who can't afford it now can win his battles easily with a strong card that he can use at an affordable amount.


So, I had many cards and summoners rented from the market. All of them were rare and epic cards and all of them were more than level 2 cards. I actually wanted to play with some strong cards at their higher level. So, I went to the rental market of splinterlands and brought some cards of levels 3 & 4 for rental. But, then I noticed that I can't play with them because I don't have a summoner that can play these cards. So, now I at least need a level 2 summoner to play with them. This is when I decided to buy some summoners too. And when I was searching, I saw some summoners that I couldn't stop myself from buying. I took 14 cards on rent in 2 days. But, I had to remove most of them one by one because I didn't have enough DEC in my account. I actually didn't have any dec at all in the first place. I had to buy some from the Hive-Engiene and then deposit them into the game.


But, I kept 2 summoners and some cards. I need the cards because I play with them regularly and I need the summoners because I plan to buy a whole set of strong cards on rent to use in my battles for that, I'll need a strong summoner and that's the reason. Here's the list of the cards that I have rented to me currently.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 061657.png

Conqueror Jack

This is one of the most amazing summoners that I used in splinterlands. Surely there are some others like this one but all of them cost really a huge amount even if you want to rent them. But, at an affordable price, this summoner is the best. And you can also see how much power it can provide to your cards in just its first level. The only problem is this summoner costs 6mana cap. So, I only use it in battles where I get to use more than or equal to 30 mana caps. But, do you see the abilities that this monster provides? Costing 6 mana caps is nothing compared to +2 speed, scattershot and piercing ability to all friendly monsters. Here's my rented card, Conqueror Jack:

Screenshot 2022-12-02 030903.png


This was the level 2 summoner I purchased on rent to play my higher-level cards. Now, to use those cards I could've purchased another summoner that might've cost less than this one but it was the return fire ability of this monster that convinced me to buy it.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 031035.png

Devine Healer

I love cards that have the tank heal ability. And that is why I took this one on rent. But, just after taking it, I remembered that I already had the Venari Crystalsmith with the same ability. But, I'm still keeping the Devine Healer because it costs 1 less mana and it's useful sometimes.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 031401.png

Magi of Chaos

In my neutral monsters list, I have some strong melee and ranged attacking monsters. But, there's no strong magic attacking the monster. And this is why I purchased this card. 2 magic attacks with 5 life is quite good I think

Screenshot 2022-12-02 031525.png

So, these were the cards that I'm using on rent right now and I think I was able to explain the rental system properly. Here are some related important links including the link to peakmonsters which is a great site for splinterlands players.

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  • Hive Engine DEC Market:

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Will see you soon with something new or another exciting battle to share with you all.

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