Splinterlands game changers


Have you ever tried battling using a Venari?

I just proved to myself the game-changing capability of the Splinterlands Venari Wavesmith! Did you know that with this card, you provide additional 2 armor points for all your splintercards? Magic attacks penetrate armor though, but if the opponent doesn't usually use splinters with magic attacks, it might be a good idea to try this Venari. Use a water Summoner that adds additional magic attack and be sure to pick the Venari Wavesmith along with any more cards that have magic attacks. Don't worry, they will be protected against ranged or melee opponents with Snipe or Sneak ability because of the +2 armor that this Venari will give. Imagine adding the Water Pixie to the team, the hit points basically become 3 (2 armor and 1 health). Amazing right?

Wait, just take a quick look at what your opponent usually uses for battle. This Venari Wavesmith will not work as expected if your opponent also chooses to use a Water Summoner. Magic attacks penetrate armor, remember?

Water Summoners and splintercards work well against Fire and Life, of course if you pay attention to how you arrange your cards :) Go ahead and try this magical card! I'm sure you'll notice the difference, too!


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