Airdrop Reminder: Claim Your LARYNX ~ Also, a little about pHBD, Hive, and Splinterlands



Just a reminder: Go and claim your LARYNX tokens for May.

Claim here

As always, this assumes you had a Hive balance on Jan 6th of this year. If you didn't, no airdrop for you.

They still don't have much of a use case as far as I've heard*, and are selling for very little. (Follow the link above and then click DEX on the menu to visit the market) But we might as well claim them just in case they gain some value in the future.

If you don't claim by the end of the month, you lose your drop for this month, so go do it now!

Once again: Claim here

*: Yes, yes, I know, they actually do. Go read about it here. They are mining tokens. Evidently you can burn them to earn SPEAK tokens which can then be staked to receive Defi fees. But... this system is complicated and doesn't seem to be working yet.

Other Deals and Things of Note

Just a few mentions:

  • If you believe in Hive (and I assume you do; otherwise, why are you reading this) then now seems a pretty good time to start dollar cost averaging in. It has been hovering around 0.50 USD for a while. It's not a stretch to believe it may eventually go back to a dollar (or higher), so here is a potential to double your money.

  • HBD is still a great deal with the 20% interest there. Go read my post about why 20% is huge.

  • If you are on Polycub, they added three new farms recently that you might think about getting in on.

    • pHBD-USDC
    • pHIVE-PolyCUB
    • pSPS-PolyCUB

    The latter two are fairly risky, as all defi is, but the first (pHBD-USDC) is pretty safe since both HBD and USDC are stable coins. It is offering 22.75% APR at the moment.

  • Next season (i.e., in 10 days), Splinterlands is moving to a new rewards system that promises to give us even more and better rewards. Also, new reward cards coming. If you are a Splinterlands player, look forward to this.

And that's all I've got. Hope all is going well for you guys!


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