Splinterlands ~ The Past Week in Rewards + Season Rewards, and SPT Bought


Let's dive into some Splinterlands!

How did I do this past week? Did I make any money or was it a complete waste of time? Let's find out!

Reward Cards

Without comment (well, maybe a few small ones), the cards I've gotten over the past seven days.

Woohoo! A pack!

I didn't complete the next till after the season reset. Ah.... always a disappointment.

Some great cards in there. All together, that adds up to $6.306, most of which is that pack I won. I haven't opened it yet, so whether it contain nothing worthwhile or a GFL remains to be seen.

Battle Rewards

That adds up to $1.496, which is down almost a buck from last week.


That adds up to $17.76, which isn't bad at all. That peak on the final day of the season was nice.

Gotta say I'm really happy with how rental income is growing. Here's a graph to see the improvement.

Hope it keeps going up!

Season Rewards

Finally, the season ended a few days ago, so let's add those in.

That may look impressive, but it doesn't add up to much, only $2.12.

But still, some good cards that will probably increase in value, and that I can rent out in the meantime, so no complaints here.


Adding that all up, in total we get: $27.682 for the week. Sweet!

Assuming an hour per day, that comes to $3.95 an hour. haha still a far cry from a livable income, but for a hobby I'm pretty happy with it.

The only other thing worth reporting is that I've started averaging into SPT, buying 500 everyday. My daily income from blogging on splinterlands.io isn't much to speak of, around 20 SPT per day on average, which is only 4 cents. But it is increasing. Moreover, I'm betting the price of SPT shoots up before long.

And that's all for my weekly report. If you are interested in reading my daily reports, follow my alt account @dbooster.spt, and if you are interested in trying your hand at Splinterlands, follow the link below.

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