Splinterlands ~ The Past Week in Rewards Report


Let's dive into some Splinterlands!

How did I do this past week? Did I make any money or was it a complete waste of time? Let's find out!

Reward Cards

Without comment, the cards I've gotten over the past seven days.







Nothing super, but some solid cards in there. All together, that adds up to $2.508.

Battle Rewards

Usually I complain that my battle rewards aren't too great. But it came in above my quest rewards this week. Adds up to $2.740.


That adds up to $17.419.

This is the high payout out of everything. Whenever I look at what I get from renting, I am always tempted to stop playing and just rent everything out. The only thing that stops me from doing that is the chance of pulling a legendary or gold card in the quest rewards. But with what I make from renting, I could buy several legendaries. Hmm... I really should at least try only renting one of these times.

Season Rewards

Finally, the season ended a few days ago, so let's add those in.

Lots of cards but nothing especially valuable, adding to $1.62. Wow, this is one of my worst season rewards ever. Oh well... maybe next time will be better!


Adding that all up, in total we get: $24.287 for the week. That's up from the $20.31 I got last week.

I spend less than an hour playing and fiddling with cards, but using an hour just for our math we get $3.47 per hour. That's terrible for a salary, but not too bad for a hobby.

And that's all for my weekly report. If you are interested in reading my daily reports, follow my alt account @dbooster.spt, and if you are interested in trying your hand at Splinterlands, follow the link below.

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