Share your battle Weekly Challenge | SILENT SHA-VI


It's the weekly challenge again!


Below are some card details quoted.

Rarity: COMMON
Element: DEATH
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: Sneak

"Silent Sha-vi are entities from the shadow realm that take the form of giant snakes. They travel in darkness and shadow as if each dark corner is a gateway that leads elsewhere. They have an appetite for slow and creeping deaths, feeding off the escalating fear of the victim. If you think there might be a monster under your bed, it's probably a Silent Sha-vi."

^ taken from lore

I don't have this card so I'll just use the free card and play. Since it's part of the starter card, I got lesser rewards. Anyways I just came back from overseas trip and missed 4 playing days of the new season so the rewards were even lesser as my rank is low.

Let's see the stats of this card. It already has the sneak ability and continues to gain more ability after going to level 6, the cripple ability and level 10, the piercing ability. Having the sneak ability is already one of my reasons to be my go to card whenever I play death.


Ok let's start. I will talk about my lineup first. The table shows my lineup according to the position in the battle.

Card Mana Reason/thoughts Card Pic
Thaddius brood 4 Want to reduce the health and magic of the opponent because it would help to counter if opponent uses mother khala or obsidian
Cursed Windeku 6 Thorn ability can be used to counter melee attacks especially those that are weak and has low health.
Chaos Agent 1 Using this card to protect the death elemental from snipe ability attacks
Undead Badger 2 Chose this to pair with silent sha-vi because both are sneak attacks and this card has a lower health which makes it not very suitable to tank alone when the opponent has opportunity ability
Death Elemental 3 Using its snipe ability to get rid of those magic or long range attacks. Those are important to remove fast because thorn doesn't work against them
Silent Sha-vi 5 Has higher health so chose this to pair with undead badger. It also has a higher health so put it more towards the back to protect the lower health in case there are sneak attacks
Carrion Shade 1 Protect the back card in case there are sneak attacks. Also has a melee attack so if the opponent doesn't take out my card, I might have a chance to hit the opponent at the end.

Thoughts about Silent Sha-vi

It definitely is one of my go to cards whenever I play death because I want its sneak ability and will try to combine with undead badger. These 2 cards would take out opponent's cards at the back.




The battle mana cap was 22 with the standard ruleset.

Both of us utilised the maximum slots that were given to us even though the mana cap was 22. Since death have cards that have low mana, filling up the slots can be quite easy.

Round 1

Was actually abit doubtful whether I could win because of the riftwing's scavenger ability and my snipe couldn't take it out because riftwing have a high health. The cursed windeku also had quite low melee attack making it difficult to remove it fast. Since we had many cards with low health, there were many cards that got KO'ed and helped riftwing get increased health because of scavenger ability.


Round 2

My snipe ability card got removed and the opponent's sneak ability cards were removed. I guess I have the upper hand now even though they have 2 magic and one of it has life leech. Was not very worried because the cursed windeku still has quite high amount of health. Let's see how the battle goes.


Round 3

This round confirms that I will win because the card with life leech is not able to KO my cards fast enough as it only has 1 magic and it's life leech can only gain one health each time. Definitely not strong enough to withstand the attacks of 3 melee attacks at each round.


Round 4

There was no threat to my card anymore because riftwing does not have any attacks and could get KO'ed by 3 of my cards. Here, this is just a one side attack as riftwing can only scavenge. Even if my cards were to miss the attacks, I am still able to win because 3 of my cards have the ability to attack that one card.


Round 5

The picture below is just for the purpose of personal satisfaction. Seeing the opponent's card have a health of 0, just wonderful. Okay that's it. That's the end of the battle.


Did my strategy work?

Yes because it helped to take out the back cards and was not distracted by the riftwing. In my previous weekly challenge, I lost because my cards were distracted by the riftwing and couldn't take out the cards that were able to attack. This time, my cards were able to take out the cards that are a threat to my cards since they can attack my cards so I won.

Do I like the Silent sha-vi?

In this battle, you can see that it helped me to take out the cards that were attacking, instead of trying to hit riftwing. This is especially useful because riftwing can be annoying with its scavenger ability and if I had cards that could only attack the front card and have low attack, the opponent might be able to take out my cards faster than I can remove riftwing. Which is very badd (can be seen in my previous post of weekly challenge, of course I lost).

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Click here to watch the battle!


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