First Splinterlands Season Chest Openings!

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Hello Everyone! This is my first opening of chests in Splinterlands, I managed to get about 90 Chests this season as I started halfway in,
I managed to get good advices by community members on starting out, most of which I am really appreciative about,
I started out with Water and rented the Lir+Phantom combo to start out, then got more with way more variety for water.

The game in general seems and feels fun to play, perhaps some animations should be faster and some could use more animations,
I like that we have the option to either skip the battle or watch it unfold so we can learn more about the interactions,
Overall it feels like a good auto-battler game similar to auto-chess or TFT but with NFT Card assets which make the whole system very interesting to get into.

I played all elements so far at least once, my favorite ones so far are Fire, Earth and Life in that order.
In games I generally love experimentation and trying out different things, I am that type of Gamer who likes to figure out new metas and such in general, unsure yet if thats possible with SPL but I will see to it when I become more experienced, of course always with having fun in mind.

Lately I have been experimenting with some Death Element comps, the usual since I am on silver,
which by the way I did not know that the chest for the daily counts as the type of chest corresponding to the current league instead of highest league, now I know, apparently I was told this is a new thing so no wonder haha XD

I had a bit of trouble with having enough CP to keep up but some community members assisted me at least for today which I am thankful for ^^

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for reading!
I usually make #esoteric, #philosophical, #deepthought or #spiritual content revolved around #selfimprovement and I am a gamer at heart!

Cya onto the Next One!

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