Feb. 14, 23: Routine, Teaching, TV, and Games


[Not exactly sure what my deal is at the moment...actually got a solid night's sleep last night and got a solid start on this post already this morning, but the wind just went out of my sails and I'm almost dreading having to do it. It usually doesn't bother me and I even enjoy it (especially knowing I'm earning some crypto), but sometimes...just have to start (like I am now) and it should hopefully ease up. We've got our Pimp meeting this morning as well, so now I'm looking at a time crunch too. 😢]

Man! For the second night in a row, when the snoring woke me up and I got up to go out to the couch, my brain started up and I couldn't get back to sleep. 🤬😭 The watch says I got six hours, but I'm calling bullpucky on that...regardless that's at least another two hours short and it hurt big time.

Of course, I had teaching all day today, so there wasn't going to be any opportunities to catch up on sleep and I had to light a fire under my ass to get my post done early...had plenty of time, but I could barely focus.

Did most of the usual morning routine, otherwise, but it looks like I forgot to get my pic of the crypto markets for today. 😢 Going to have to use this morning's twice I guess.

Looking a little better [today], although I guess I'm not all that sure since apparently I didn't pay all that much attention to it.


MATIC has risen a bit faster than ETH; should probably go in and check to see if my Polygon investments are doing any better. In dollar terms, I'm certainly in profit at the moment, but last I checked was losing like .35 ETH versus not having done anything at all and let it just sit on Coinbase. 🤬

Of course, the big hype this morning was the WOO land sale...I was extremely frustrated/disappointed with that, but more about it in the appropriate section below.

Got my post scheduled, got a shower, and got everything set for Calculus class. We had out first exam this weekend, and of course I had to laugh at the email asking for an extension "'cus Super Bowl" after I'd given them three full days to work on it at their leisure. 🤣 I mean, what professor gives you three days to work on an exam?! How much more lax could I be? And, yet, still...

Anyway, today we looked at The Chain Rule. I proved the rule and then we did a bunch of examples (although I did do one incorrectly, so I need to mention it next time) and we even proved the derivatives of the secant and the cosecant which are super easy once we have the Chain Rule.

We are still a bit limited in terms of the basic rules we have to play with (though Chain Rule did open up a bunch more), so there was really only so many examples we could cover at this point and we finished up a bit early.

Chatted on Discord, watched some YouTube, and got my lunch, and then headed into town for the afternoon class.

We'd had our first exam in Calculus II as well this weekend and so we moved forward into the next topic: sequences, a complete shift of gears from what we were doing before. Was really just kind of introductory stuff for the most part, but then we came to defining sequence convergence which involves the epsilon-delta style of proof.

Unfortunately, less than half the class had even seen them before and none of them could say they were confident with it. 😭 That's a hardcore double-whammy...trying to learn about sequences and their convergence and get hit with this serious mathspeak and a whole new method of proof, I felt for them. I tried my best, but it's tough to try and teach one or two classes of material they should have learned last class as well as new material they're learning now.

[Well, grrr. I didn't get done before the meeting started, so splitting my attention...gotta' finish up here.]

Finished up class just about on time and then helped a couple students after class with a question so was actually on the road about ten minutes later than usual. The drive back was smooth, though, and I got home basically on time.

Even though I was feeling more exhausted than romantic (and watching a beautiful thing wilt and die is a perfect metaphor for love 😛🤣), I stopped by the store on the way home and got a rose for Wenche.

When she finished with work, she made us turkey tacos for dinner and we watched some TV and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Well, the last few days my SPL rental income had been hovering around two dollars; should have known better than to hope to maintain that. Still, it's a dollar sixty more than inhad yesterday.

Screenshot_20230215_064717_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Claimed my SPS interest for the day and paid the rental fee. Took a while, but I finally got a hundred saved up to swap out.

After I took my picture, I did pull it out, as well as the DEC, and swapped them out...back up to nearly thirty HIVE now, so probably blow it on some other tokens (CCD, SQM, PIMP...dunno) pretty quick.

I suppose, at this point, it's foolish of me to think that dShitty would actually pay SIM...why would they do that? That would defeat the purpose of the whole thing...oh, wait.

I mean, for the love of God, don't give your tokens any use case. Should probably burn them into oblivion...destroying them makes them more valuable, right? That's how things work?


Speaking of patting yourself on the back for building a sandcastle and kicking it over, Rising Star "celebrated" themselves for destroying wut? like six million...if you can turn millions of your tokens to dust, and be happy about it, you clearly had no consideration for the supply in the first place.

Got more drunk fans yet again, but just slogging missions for now.

Screenshot_20230215_063506_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Does this even still exist? I suppose it does, but whatever.


GLX had a bit of a pop by about half a cent and I got a solid three HIVE for my forty this time. 😁🤑 Staked the rest, of course, and am definitely thankful for the extra boost to my liquid.

Screenshot_20230215_063146_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

My stake and delegation rewards were looking pretty juicy this morning since I've been claiming super early, relatively speaking. Unfortunately, despite trying twice and getting the transactions through fine, the claim functions appear to be broken. 🤬

Screenshot_20230215_063329_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

As I mentioned above, today was the much-hyped, much-anticipated land sale. Have to say, the more we went along the more shocked and disappointed I became.

See, I thought I was getting what I paid for (within the ability of Cartel to get packs) when I paid the 36 HBD to reserve my two plots in the pool...a couple days ago I learn, no, you could get a one star land and automatically be fucked against two and three star lands without the ability to ever change it.

Then, just a fucking hour before the sale was supposed to start, I come to find out that the pack price isn't pegged to 20 HBD, but rather $20 worth of HBD, so he's exposed the players to the "peg" and if it goes below a dollar, then I won't even get the land, just a refund...again, something completely beyond my control.

Why should I get screwed out of what I've been waiting weeks for and thought I'd paid for based on the price of a stable coin we know is absolutely not stable?!?! 🤬

That decision was needlessly confusing and overly complicated...it should have been fixed to HBD and then they could decide whether they wanted to sell it above or below the "peg."

Regardless, the point is moot because the entire thing ended up being a complete dumpster fire and never even happened. Am I pissed enough to divest? Meh, but you can tell a tree by its fruit (or lack thereof) and my faith has been shaken to its core.

It's one thing to have a cock-up, it's another to hype and sell for weeks and then fail to deliver (its not like they didn't know this was coming, why wasnt it ready and tested at least a day early?!)...combine that with my unpleasant realizations the last couple days and the frequent website failures (showing all zeros, not paying rewards, claims not functioning), and I'm not very happy at the moment.

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