Feb. 16, 23: Routine, Teaching, Errands, CryptoShots, TV, and Games


[Well, crud...got caught up on Discord mucking about with the CryptoShots Karina bot and here it's nearly nine already and I'm only just starting on this post. 😱 I cut it really tight yesterday both in terms of time and word count (got skipped, but Ray made good) as well. Still, been fun messing with it and i got lucky with a couple good tips - but no NFT yet. 😒 Also, have to admit that I'm not all that happy with today's cover photo but it'll do.]

Got to sleep relatively late last night, around nine, and I got up around two or so to move out to the couch and was just awake. 😑😭 It didn't turn out to be too bad, though, since I was only up until three, three thirty-ish, and fell back to sleep watching some random YouTube videos.

Fortunately, I suppose, I slept pretty hard and didn't wake up again until after seven putting me over nine hours for the night, which helped after the past few nights. πŸ‘ However, I has less than an hour to do the morning routine and do my post from scratch. I did get a thousand words, though, but just barely.🀯

Had to cut the usual morning stuff pretty short and mainly focused on getting my post done, but of course I had to check...and

Holy schnikies! Look at that boys!!! Got some nice greens in the crypto markets. πŸ˜―πŸ€‘ BTC almost at $25k, lovely lovely, and MATIC is on an absolute tear!


I went in and checked on my Polygon investments and this is the best I've been doing since I made the stupid decision to follow Ray into PolyDragon, only losing .23 ETH. πŸ˜„

I've regretted not taking the opportunity to get out when I was at this point (or close) before, but I still can't seem to bring myself to lock in that loss despite all my rationalizations with BRO and LGN. [It's gotten even better today, only losing .2! πŸ₯³ Maybe patience will prove to be a virtue.]

I was nearly ten minutes late getting my post done and scheduled and hopping in the shower to get ready for work, and I was actually a couple of minutes late starting class, but we had a relatively short/easy one today anyway.

My goal for today was to prove the rules for the derivatives of the exponential function and the natural logarithm. The natural log proof was a bit nasty, had to do it by definition, but with that rule in hand and the Chain Rule we did last class, e^x was like a four line proof. πŸ˜πŸ€“

Those didn't really take us all that long and we practiced a bit doing those with the Chain Rule...they're already able to do some pretty sophisticated derivatives! 🀩 Ended class pretty early and killed the time on Discord and watched some Kiffness videos that I just discovered...a couple of the songs give me awesome ASMR. πŸ₯°

Got my lunch and got ready to head into town for the afternoon class and needed to stop to get gas ⛽️ and cash for errands after work. Ended up getting on the road about ten minutes later than normal, but the drive was fine and I was there and set up on time (just not as early as usual).

Last class we'd done the hard work of defining the convergence of a sequence, so today we were able to use that to define the convergence of a series. In fact, we were able to cover quite a bit of ground and looked at The Divergence Test as well as Geometric Series. We spent the rest of the time practicing converting between functions and their series representations using the formula for Geometric Series and actually ended a minute or two past time.

Had a couple questions after class as well and then headed back home. The drive home was no problem and I cruised past my exit to hit the puffity-puff store and the smoke store on the way back. Got home and into my comfy clothes, looked at the clock, and it was 4:20, so you know what time it was. πŸŒ¬πŸ’¨

Watched a bit of YouTube and when Wenche finished with work she made us an omelet and toast for dinner. We watched some more Clarkson (Clarkston?) Farm, but I wasn't really paying attention.

I got caught up playing with the CryptoShots bot and wanted to get involved with mining $PROX in the Discord and didn't want to miss out on WAX tips, so I bought some DOOM on WAX and then sent it to them to register my account...was a bit of a goofy hassle, but I've got the NFTs on both Hive and WAX now.

Got ready for bed and worked on the WombPlay challenges after the reset, watched more of the farm show, and got to bed waaaay later than normal.

[Alright! I managed it. 😁]

Man, Splinterlands!

Looking at a dollar eleven for today, like half of what it was just a couple days ago...a bit frustrating, but again, better than having played. 😜

Screenshot_20230217_062915_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Did my SPS claim, paid the rental fee, and staked the rest for the second day.

You know, one of my all-time favorite things to do on a daily basis is to spend time digging through my H-E transaction feed to find no SIM, just token dust payouts. I'm soooo glad I'm vested in this game.


If I recall correctly, I actually went in on Rising Star a couple times today. I ran a lesson, as my Ego was at one percent after the drunks expired, and I snuck in an extra mission in the afternoon.

Screenshot_20230217_062515_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Woah! I took the time to take a new BUDS balance picture to recycle for the next week. πŸ˜―πŸ˜› I really need to ditch this.


So dumb, I'd pulled the tokens out and not actually swapped them, so I totally missed the actual pop in price...not sure how I managed to overlook that, but I did get a helpful chunk altogether as a lump today.

Screenshot_20230217_062248_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Claimed up my stake and delegation rewards which were a bit short, but I suppose that was a timing thing since I couldn't get the claim through until late the other day. Still not gotten any more mining rewards (been ages), but I staked the airdrop four and change as usual.

Screenshot_20230217_062325_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Sorry to have to say it, but I'm kinda' starting to get a bit sour about the land sale. I still haven't even heard an ETA (days after they should have already been ready) and in the meantime the ever-stable HBD has fallen below a dollar and I'd get screwed out of a land if the sale were to go. 🀬

I get it that it worked on the testnet but didn't on mainnet, that's ok, technology is great when it works, but that's really not any kind of valid excuse when it should have been tested on mainnet before everyone shifted their funds and had their hype parties and was all set to pull the trigger at the deadline they themselves set.

I recognize whingeing about it doesn't help anything and there's plenty of unhappy customers around, so I'm not going to be too much of a Debbie Downer, but still, I'm going to be seriously pissed if I only get one, one star land (which is currently a strong possibility) for 18 HBD plus all of what I've sunk into WOO with the intention to upgrade...still seems like a one in nine-thousand chance to earn any income from it anyway, but they assure me that's not the case.

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Longest Streak: 204

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I'm not all that happy with today's cover photo but it'll do

You could have asked Karina to create one for you 😎

I got caught up playing with the CryptoShots bot and wanted to get involved with mining $PROX in the Discord and didn't want to miss out on WAX tips, so I bought some DOOM on WAX


was a bit of a goofy hassle

Should get better when we start supporting Hive NFTs too for the Discord minigame. Ironic that the minigame data itself is already stored in Hive.