Mar. 12, 23: Routine, Short Walk, TV, and Games


Well, I did, for sure, make it through the whole night tonight in bed, so that's a score, but my sleep was still a little broken. Got to sleep around ten, so a bit late already, and then got up at five thirty (which was actually four thirty because of the friggin' clock change).

The watch says I got about seven hours (short already) but I think it's messed up because of Daylight Saving and is really an hour less than that. Any way you slice it, the gas in the tank was a little low.

Did the usual morning routine and got to work on my post for the day. Not too much out of the ordinary going on there, but I did spend a little more time dumping out some token dust. I guess it was noteworthy that Hive-Engine went borked, though, so I left it alone for a while...looks like transactions went fine, it was just behind on displaying them in explorers.

We generally do the grocery shopping on Sundays, so I tried to get the routine done early, but that didn't end up happening and I posted at the usual time of ten.

In fact, the grocery shopping didn't end up happening either. Wenche had tomorrow off and didn't really feel like getting dressed and going in, so since we didnt have any immediate needs, we put it off until tomorrow.

I was a bit shocked when I checked on the crypto markets, to be honest! 😯 We had greens across the board, and not insignificant for the most part at that (the least being HIVE, of course 😜).


I'd honestly expected there to be a whole lot more FUD, but I guess the markets like the FDIC stepping in and taking over Silicon Valley Bank? Maybe expecting cheap money from interest rate policy reversal? Not sure, but up is better than down even further.

I mean, I just about shit my pants when I saw that USDC had depegged ($3.3 billion of its backing was in SVB, about eight percent, consistent with the value it lost). Circle has said that they will back every USDC come hell or high water, but that's certainly something I didn't ever expect to see! 😱

Depegging is usually the death knell for a stablecoin (unless it's HBD and nobody expects it to be stable 🤪), but USDC has been limping along so far, and the potential to recover those funds is good news relatively speaking.

[Man, I spend too much time editing these posts...been working on this all morning and now I'm looking at ten minutes crunch time. 🥵😡 Luckily, I pretty much wasted the rest of the day, so I should be able to say that in so many words. 😂]

OK, so it wasn't anything even resembling a proper walk (and probably didn't justify the whole rigormoral of taking the sky and weather photos or doing maps or anything), but we got off our duffs and went for a little walk down to the store and back...honestly, I think the GPS went nuts and gave me more than it should have been worth, but I'll take it. 😛


Screenshot_20230312_162621_adidas Running.jpg

Was a little chilly and overcast (it did snow some today as well), but felt good to get some fresh air and a few legitimate steps in.



Mostly just plopped in front of the tube for the rest of the day and hunted around for something to watch since I'd wanted to rent the new Puss in Boots movie, but it was still outbof stock and the only option on Prime was to buy it for twenty bucks. 😢

Other than that, Wenche made us bacon 🥓 and eggs 🥚 and toast 🍞 for dinner and I ran the dishwasher (yay, did something!). I did do some laps and some marching in place to try and finish my steps, but I did cheat a little at the end (shame).

[Wow! My ability to turn bupkiss into text has developed into nothing short of remarkable (hence my remark); at this point it's gone beyond skill amd into an artform. 🤣🤪]

My Splinterlands rental income went up by another twenty cents today to a dollar eighty. 👍 Ultimately, still a little disappointing, but I'm thankful for the extra play money. Decided to pull out the DEC and figured that leaving thirteen hundred should be enough to cover any expenses. Swapped them out, but they're basically already blown on PIZZA for PPUD coming up and feeding my burning desire to be ranked higher on the PIMP richlist.

Screenshot_20230313_063844_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

I guess I'm still staying consistent with my usual pattern, but at the same time I'm sort of also being consistent with most other stuff...looking more like a paradigm than a habit, my "risk on" attitude seems to have shifted to a "hoard it all" position. Staked up all the interest again for today and still have some prepay balance left.

Somehow, my dShitty income has remained resilient in the face of even a Bank robbery! 🤯 (I guess I did jinx it, but I came away more or less unscathed.) Meanwhile, I've been getting some SIM from pools as well, so been throwing that onto the heap too.


I'm up to 0.031 HIVE per day now. That's, what, like one every thirty days or so? Not great, but it certainly doesn't hurt.


I kept on with running missions on Rising Star today and, as is inevitable, my Ego started to grow again. Got to get it back down, so I switched over to a lesson for now.

Screenshot_20230313_063435_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

I've got to have something to complain about on a daily basis, right? That must be why I keep forcing myself to include this section? 🤷‍♂️


Yet again I staked up all the rewards for today...been three days now since I pulled any out. Luckily, the DEC covered PPUD, so I didn't have the immediate need for liquid and I chose to defer gratification (like I said, seems to be a thing with me right now).

Screenshot_20230313_064602_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

I think this one is going to be a bit of a broken record for a little while as well. I do think we're looking for game release soon™️, but until then I'm just stacking my bags. Claimed my stake and delegation rewards along with the airdrop, but still no mining rewards for today.

Screenshot_20230313_063310_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Well, crapitty crap crap! Seems like the goalpost keeps moving? Probably not, but I still (despite going in and buying more SQM) have not progressed even to the next tier (though I am closer), let alone come anywhere near to getting beta access. 🤬


I'm only about fifteen HIVE away from a three by three plot for Solairitas, though, so that's progress I guess.

So, I'm not really sure what to say about this. I've tried a couple times in the past to check it out, but found the UI to be confusing...couldn't really tell what cards I actually had or what to do (had to go over to NFTMart to see my cards). Anyway, at the PIMP meeting this week dadspardan said there were rewards for holding CROP in game, so I wanted to see about that.

However, when I went to try it, I got nothing but a blank, white screen (which indicates a fatal error in React that was not properly handled). I have (out of morbid curiosity?) gone back in periodically since then to keep trying, but not been successful.

Somehow, I caught a brief window where it actually loaded up and I did get my CROP in game...haven't seen any return that I'm aware of at this point, but have to give it some time, I suppose.

I tried to plant a crop, but all it did was sit there and spin thinking and the transaction never happened as far as I could tell. Unfortunately, when I went to see if it had worked and/or to try it again, we were right back to a blank screen. 😡🤦‍♂️

Speaking of games on chain that don't seem to work, I heard about another new one today: Terracore. First off, tickles my ire that it's so close to Mythicore (my in game currency), but whatever...I tried several times to access it, but even though the page did load, I couldn't even type my username to try and log in. 🤬

I mean, it's 2023 so everybody's still stuck sitting in front of a desktop, right? Nobody uses mobile phones these days?

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