Mar. 2, 23: Routine, Teaching, Errands, TV, and Games


Got to bed around nine thirty again last night and, though the cat had me up at one point and then the snoring got me up and out to the couch, I managed to make it all the way until six thirty (surprised the tiny-penis truck didn't fire up earlier) for nearly nine full hours of sleep on the night (not too shabby). 😀

Did the usual morning stuff and can't really think of all that much to note other than I had to give it some gas to get my post done and scheduled by eight and so I didn't do so much token shifting as I normally do.

Here's the snapshot of today's crypto markets:


Icky, icky, icky reds all over the place. 😭 I hate to say "I told you so" (and would rather be wrong), but HIVE seems to have continued its decline and now may face resistance at $ call of $.4 is looking more and more realistic. 😡

As far as my Polygon investments? I suppose it should be more like a train wreck that you can't look away from, but it was the opposite today and I couldn't look.

The Aave interest isn't anywhere near that of HBD, so I really should have pulled out and parked it there a long time ago (and still should), but it seemed pretty darn pricey to get over through the Leo bridge...looking at a $1500 chunk and thinking quite a bit of that will vanish.

I did end up with a fairly decent post done, but I wasn't on time and I got in the shower nearly fifteen minutes past the hour. Gave the shower a bit of gas and was able to be dressed and ready to go only a minute or so late.

Today's class was relatively easy in that there wasn't really too much new in terms of skills or methods. I mostly just scattershot fired a bunch of information at them...the existence theorems: Intermediate Value Theorem, Rolle's Theorem, and the Mean Value Theorem and showed them how we generally use them (to know that maxes and mins exist in an interval).

We did do a little skill work-ish in that we looked at how to find extrema of a function on an interval (which we already knew how to do, the only new thing was "check the endpoints") and then I walked them through the argument of what is meant by "speeding up" and "slowing down" in the pedantic sense...where the signs of the velocity and acceleration either agree or are opposites.

Even after all that, we still ended class early and I basically mucked around on Discord for a bit, got some lunch, and then got ready to head into town.

Actually got out the door pretty much on time and after I hit the bank I was on the road with a nice time buffer. The drive in was fine and I was there nearly twenty minutes early this time.

For Calculus II, we looked at the ratio and root tests, the Ratio Test being the big dog of all the convergence tests and then spent the rest of class just pounding through examples (more than half the class was missing, though, a lot of students already on spring break). Once we'd exhausted the types of questions they'd see, I let them out a bit early and headed home.

Of course, being Thursday, I cruised past the exit and into town the other side to run my weekly errands to the smoke store and the puffity-puff store. Got home and in my comfy clothes about an hour before Wenche was done with work and I chatted on Discord and watched some YouTube until she was finished.

She made us breaded chicken and rice amd salad for dinner today and we watched a couple really good movies. Now that I'm trying to recall what the first movie was, I can't seem to...all I can remember is that it was fun.

The second one I do remember for sure: R.I.P.D. with Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon and The Big Lebowski and several other big-name actors, about an afterlife pilice force. 😀 Definitely another good one, and my Ryan Reynolds man-crush continues (may Green Lantern forever be forgotten - actually, The Nines made up for it, Free Guy and the Deadpools just put him over the top).

Got ready for bed and worked on the WombPlay challenges and switched over to some Letterkenny before bedtime (thank goodness that the internet is back 👍😁 - oh, and they're giving us a twenty-five dollar account credit, so that's cool too).

I don't get it. I got that nice spike there, was all the way back up to three dollars again, and now I'm right back to a dollar the last two days. 🤔

Screenshot_20230303_063025_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Did the usual SPS claim, paid the rental fee (which was waaaaaay lower this time), and finally broke over the one hundred mark. I pulled out and swapped the hundred and decided to stake the remainder. Now we got the three day stretch of staking it all again...that strategy has been working pretty well so far, I think.

Well, once again we got nothing but token dust. [I did spend most of this morning working out a deal with ecoinstant to hopefully correct this somewhat...just paid the student debt (which I didn't even know was a thing I could do) and doubled my SIM holdings, so that should help with the HIVE divvies as well. Too early to tell, but I actually see a light at the end of the tunnel!]


My Ego was at one percent today, so I ran a lesson, got it back down to zero, and now I'm back to running missions again. I did break level seventy, so only five more to go to unlock the last mission in this area.

Screenshot_20230303_062213_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Now I just need someone to come along and fix this for me. 😜🤣


We lost about half a cent per token today, so that hurted a little, but swapped out the thirty-five like I have been and staked the rest. Starting to get a little more liquid HIVE saved up again...the ol' itch is coming back, gotta' find something to spend it on.

Screenshot_20230303_062422_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Claimed my stake and delegation rewards and the airdrop (but no mining rewards) for today. I'm still confused about what it was I read in the Discord that made me think people were upgrading and earning from their lands already? 🤔🤷‍♂️ I've tried digging around (and even tried the alternate site), but wasn't able to find anything, so I don't know.

Screenshot_20230303_062111_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Bought up a little more DOOM and got it into the pool, so hopefully should have enough to qualify for another of the NFTs (over 1.25k in the pool). I won another Marte in the THGAMING server, but it was harsh and didn't give it to me since I needed to have 100k more THG staked than I already have. 😭 Speaking of winning, I had a fifty/fifty shot at winning a rare one...wonder what happened with that? 🤔

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