May 26, 22: Routine, Errands, Oculus, Demolition, TV, and Games



Slept from about nine thirty until five tonight and while FitBit says I was a good forty minutes short, my energy/productivity today forces me to call shenanigans.

Not too much going on during the morning routine. I did start up the computer with the goal of taking care of HashKings, but by the time it finally loaded up and HashKings was slow, I never ended up finishing it. Otherwise, still just red everywhere in crypto, but now I’ve also added an addiction to COIN app to the fray.

Not even been at it a week and I’ve already been considering a SentinelX…I did find out that you have to scan it like every three hours for the bonus to be in effect, so thinking a subscription might be better. Kinda’ considering it as a $25 a month investment into crypto, but not sure if I can totally justify it.

I mean, in order for it to be worth it for me I’d need to make more than $25 in a month…but then that would be in XYO, which is fine I guess since it is freely exchangeable. They are getting my location data, but if everyone is making more than they’re putting in, where’s the rest coming from? Advertising, perhaps, but I’m not certain…there’s also the issue that I’d really rather have HIVE, and getting from Coinbase to another exchange is a hassle and extra fees; although I was thinking I might be able to withdraw like LTC directly to H-E, we’ll see.

Got my post done and shared for the day and then headed into town to do my errands. Been trying and failing to cut back on my smoking, and I did still have some tobacco and tubes, so I skipped the smoke store this time. Instead, I made another trip to the hardware store. 💪

I bought my house in 2009 and spent about three years remodeling it and getting the downstairs livable. It’s still not finished, though, but it’s mainly the one room (the den) directly below the upstairs bathroom that flooded.

The upstairs, on the other hand, is still in the rip it apart phase (and has been stuck there for years). I ripped all the ceilings out and all the asbestos vermiculite insulation crap that was up there, ripped out some of the lathe and plaster on the walls, took out the old wiring, and ran all brand new wiring with a separate breaker box for upstairs.

We’ve been considering extending the upstairs as it would give us more space for closets (of which there are none) as well as a guest room or work room for Wenche. We had a contractor out to give us an estimate, but he said around thirty grand (which is half again the value of the house and the land and the garage!) plus he was talking about hacking off the kitchen ceiling that we spent a ton of money and effort on…wasn’t going to happen.

I’d still kind of like to, but with the cost of building materials right now, I just got tired of not doing anything because of that. Figure I should sink the money I have into improving what I’ve got and deal with the rest later. At least for now we can make moves toward getting a proper bedroom and another function bathroom.

To that end, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research the last week and finally made up my mind. Got us a fancy-schmancy new water heater:


Now, presuming I’ve done all my math correctly and it works like it’s supposed to, this I think will be a major win/upgrade. For one, it means that I only need one water line running upstairs (only cold since it will be heated there), and we won’t have to wait like five minutes for the shower to heat up, even better the hot water will never run out!! 🥳 The thing is so small and light it has me super stoked! 😁😃

Hit the puffity-puff store and happened to get a 20% off sale! Extra bonus! 🤩 Mission for today was highly successful. Got home and grabbed some lunch and then started to slow down a little.

Couldn’t resist the urge to play some more Mercenaries on Resi 4, so jumped into VR for an hour or so. Getting pretty frustrated with a couple of the challenges…tried the “Untouchable” one repeatedly and despite earning four of the five stars, I haven’t been able to survive to the end for any of them to count. 🤬🤬 Always some asshole that shoots me with a crossbow when I come around a corner or shoots me in the back when I’m trying to fight another dude. 😡

I was able to five star the mine-launcher one today, though, so slowly but surely checking them off the list. Hoping they’ll release some more maps and challenges; this has been super fun!

Quit out, and with the new heater staring at me, I figured I’d better go upstairs and try to do something. Took me a minute to track down some grubby clothes, but got up there and tried to decide what to do first.

There’s a massive gap between the wall and the chimney and I’ve been meaning to fill it with expanding foam, so gave that a shot. However, as always seems to be the case with Great Stuff, it just sort of fizzled out the nozzle and didn’t really expand into the space. I really did try and be as patient with it as I could, but it got to the point that my arm and hand was killing me and I gave up. Beat I did was get that crap all over my hands. 😭

Gave up on that and decided to start moving all the insulation that’s piled in the bathroom into the attic space and out the way so we can move around and take some measurements. Didn’t get too far into that, though, before I got it in my craw to destroy some more of the walls. See, we need a dumpster badly for all the crap that’s up there, but not much point in getting one if I’m just going to make more mess. Might as well rip it all apart and then order the roll-off.

When Wenche got home from work I quit and got a quick shower and she made us chicken and rice and salad for dinner. I was pretty pooped out and I took some painkillers to get ahead of it, but I tried to play my Splinterlands quest anyway. That didn’t last long and I fell asleep watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Wow! Thirty-eight SIM from dShitty today?! That’s multiples of what I usually get. 😮 I guess they’re lucky I just sit on all my SIM or the whole market would crash. 😛



Really not much going on with Rising Star today. I got pretty busy all day and don’t think I remembered to go back in.


Well, what to say about HashKings today. I went through the hassle and fifteen minute wait to get the computer fired up and get logged in to the site. I harvested my two plots, but they took so long to verify that I ended up getting bored and walking away. Pretty much forgot about it after that until this morning when I realized I hadn’t replanted or anything. 😡

I guess it’s powered on now, so hopefully going in and finishing the task won’t be so painful.




By the time I’d cleaned myself up after working upstairs and we’d eaten dinner it was already getting late. I did go in and tried to do my quest for today, but as you can see, it didn’t go my way.


Didn’t have the tolerance for this and rage quit, so no rewards. 😡


Didn’t make any interesting moves otherwise. My SPS drop fell yet again and I’m hovering just above ninety now. 😭 Staked it up for now and just been letting my vouchers build up again…basically plowed through all the liquid I had! 😱

Thought about doing my Wordles today, but it got late again and I chose to play Splinterlands instead.

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