Oct. 28, 22: Routine, Walking, Pizza Party, Yard Work, TV, and Games


I decided to try and take some nighttime cough medicine to see if that would help me sleep deeply enough not to be woken up in the night. While I did fall asleep a bit earlier than I have been lately, around nine thirty or so, the cat started howling in the middle of the night. 🤬 Wenche got up, but for some reason that is completely beyond me, didn’t let him out, so about an hour later he was howling again. This time, I got up and let him out and moved out to the couch. Slept through nearly until eight, though, for a full nine hours of sleep altogether.

Missed the first hour of activity and had a other late start on the morning routine but cut the games short a bit and glossed over some of the token shifting, but got caught up with Discord pings, did some curation, checked the crypto markets (still holding pretty steady at these higher levels 😮), and got to work on my post for the day.

It was a squeaker, but I got it done with just over a thousand words. Got it published and shared on time and then decided to head out for a walk/jog (but honestly I didn’t end up jogging, so just a walk), but put in a solid five kilometers. 💪




Definitely Fall temperature out there today and I had my long stuff on, but the hat and scarf did come off by the end.



Really spent the time (and most of the day, in fact) thinking about Mythix gameplay. I saw a YouTube video about game design that really struck a chord with me and set this whole redesign off. He said avoid “getting in line”…you got to have a hook, not just style or mood, but mechanics and story and all the rest, otherwise you’re just like every other FPS or side-scroller or whatever and you’ll just get in line behind the countless number of other identical games.

My hook can’t just be that everything in game is an NFT (that you can trade or sell) and you can play-to-earn. I mean, sure those are cool hooks, but the game needs to be fun in itself…the hope is to draw more normies into Hive.

Another thing the guy said was that if your game design isn’t sparking ideas when you try to brainstorm, then it might be time for a change…the problem should be having too many ideas and having to whittle them down rather than the other way. Honestly, I didn’t really have many ideas about why these Wizards were dueling, kinda’ but I was really just copying…with the switch to a roguelike, all sorts of background and ideas started popping into my head.

I’m still not sure about the monsters, though, and how to handle them…originally I had thought you could take your entire deck with you to summon any monster you own (hence driving demand for Beast cards) but I never could quite pin down where the Mana would come from and what would prevent camping/farming collusion…now I’m thinking maybe you can take only one (or perhaps up to three - see, I’m not quite sure). That would make it more about building up a couple monsters than owning a bunch…

In the afternoon there was the Pizza Halloween Party! 🎉 Raven had some NFT drops and we did some battles for spins on the wheel, but I didn’t win any this time. It was pretty long and I stayed around for the entire two and a half hours, but it was cool to hear the Hive Halloween album that they released from musicians on chain, and I was able to stake up about seven PIZZA. 🤑

During the event I did some chores in the kitchen. Emptied out the dishwasher and did the dishes in the sink. After that I was still feeling like I hadn’t really accomplished much, so I went out and did a burn 🔥 and got the tree trimmer fired up.

The limbs I wanted to get are pretty high up, though, so I had to use the pole saw on top of a ladder…not exactly the safest or easiest situation. Had to get the ladder set up, climb up to make sure the saw was going to reach, climb down and start the saw, climb back up (and down again if it stalled on the way up) keeping it running, and then balance and cut the branch, and climb back down…rinse and repeat. I did quite a bit, but I had some visions of the front lawn being much brighter and that didn’t happen.

While I was out doing that, Wenche got home and she made us yummy pizza for dinner (had been a while) and we chilled and watched some TV for the rest of the evening.

Huh, 🤔 that makes two days in a row now of status quo dShitty shittiness, no added “bonuses” or nothing…why do I have the feeling this is the calm before the shitstorm?



My Ego is still sitting at zero on Rising Star, so continuing on with missions for now. Still not half way to millionaire and got like thirteen more levels to go before I unlock the next mission…another year, maybe?


For the second day now HashKings sat idle. I never got a chance to sit down at the computer, so it didn’t get handled…if only I could do it in a couple of clicks on my phone and get it done…oh, but “the HashKings ecosystem is primarily PC based.”




Well, been talking about it for ages and never even bothered to really look into it seriously since I figured I’d end up playing Splinterlands again eventually, but I finally got my cards rented out on splex.gg.

Not quite sure what I expected, didn’t really know, but at the moment I’m both pleased and disappointed. I mean, it seems like I’m only renting out about half of the deck and for $30k worth of cards (supposedly) you’d think that the income would be quite a bit…at the current rate of 3k DEC that translates to about four HIVE, minus the fee, so about 3.6 HIVE (I guess per day? Not sure since I only just started). That seems like not a whole lot (so I’m sort of disappointed), but then again it’s a heck of a lot more than I was making just letting them sit and it is passive income…we’ll see how it goes.


Forgot to claim my SPS interest yesterday, so it was two days’ worth when I went in to claim this morning. With the day I’d already left liquid, I had my three days’ worth and moved it out to the market. I still haven’t swapped any out, though, that balance is starting to build…thinking I’m going to have to spend it all on SOL tokens for a while if I want to keep the project alive and still keep my promise of not powering down (I am also considering powering down some of my own HP, but I really don’t like the idea of powering down to buy my own token…seems wicked sketchy).

Average Last 7 Days: 14,389

Lifetime Average: 14,680

10k per Day Streak: 19


Longest Streak: 204


Distance on shoes: 1120.52 km
Distance on hikers: 67.07 km

#AutomaticWin Tally: 425
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 53

#TripleTen Tally: 118
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 236
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 37

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Steps: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 88%
Satisfaction: 85%
Energy: 92%
Productivity: 83%




Rising Star






Pi Cloud Mining






Join us in the Mancave!

Power up and Hive on!


Glad you manage to get better sleep!
Have a great weekend and a !PIZZA


About the splex rent you have to wait until the bot fills your entire deck, you might think it not, but it actually happens, 6k is double than 3k and that is better... the days at the end of the seeason the rentals get even better.




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I thought that with your collection you would get around 10k DEC per day, especially at the end of the season when the rent is higher 😅. But like you said it's still better than just letting it sit.



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