I hope this is not true

Hey splinter buddies.

Rumour goes the Devs want to faze out the starter cards after a X period. And because of what? Well because of the bots.
If they really gonna do this it's rip splinterlands for sure. New players are not gonna be able to do the daily quest after an X period because they can only use the cards the bought rent or earned.
This is really gonna make it for new players too hard to start the game and keep enjoying it after that X period.cards are too expensive and renting cards isn't a cheap solution either.
Why not just ban bots and try to grow the community inatead of imploding. We just got a massive playerbase growth why waste it because of the botbearnings....

I really hope it stays with rumours, because till now I really enjoy the game even though I'm just in bronze.

What's your opinion on this matter?

Happy splintertime