Keeping new players in the game

Hello splinter buddies,

How do we keep the new players happy? Now that all the news came from chaos and CP from new cards also go down. What can we do to keep new players in the game?
Here's some of my ideas

Make the CP needed till silver a bit less. Like 10k to get in silver. Even that should be hard enough but not everyone has loads of money to put in the game.

Make excessive bot use harder. Make something like a word you have to re-type every hour. Bots who get used by active people still can be used but most bots in bronze are from whales. Some have hundreds to farm season rewards and sell loads of cards on the markt.some earn thousands of dollars per week by using this tactic.

Introduce some kind of challenge system. For example win 100 matches. Play X matches with X splinter. If you use the word validation in me previous idea bots not receive these when not actively used. Rewards can be quest potions. But rewards you get by that can't be sold. This way new players get some cards to use.

We need new players too make the game really big
How do you think new players can be kept happy and excited to play the game?
Leave your ideas in the comments

Happy splintertime


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