SPS way to more financial freedom

To begin with this is not financial advice this is just my opinion
Imagine you have a game that's fun and gives you free money like SPS.
Imagine you stake this SPS and don't bother about the amount staked.
Imagine four years later you look at the SPS screen and it shows you an amount with more than 3 digits.

Yes this could be the path SPS gonna walk. Splinterlands is gaining a ridiculous amount of new players every month. On top of that the new cardpacks are on the horizon which will attract more new players. This will really boost EVERYTHING.
I know a lot of people are sceptic at this moment because of the 20% drop. This has everything to do with the Chinese property issue at the moment. China most likely will solve this. Give it a few weeks and everything will be back to normal for SPS.
Think about how great this community is. We enjoy the game and we make this game one not to forget.
How many fun things do actually make you money.
Anyway I hope we all have a lot of fun with this game for the next few years. Enjoy the free gains and hold the line.

Happy splintertime