The Dapp Industry Overview: August 2021 - a good read for everyone


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Dapp Industry Overview: August 2021

All the news and trends in one report. Hive got some mentions and I just spend some time reading this great repor.

If you have some time, you should consider to jump to and read the full report.

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... Hive, a blockchain with high-speed and low-fee transactions, is now amongst the most used protocols and presents the second-biggest increase in terms of adoption. Over 224,000 unique wallets connect to the Hive blockchain, an impressive 459% increase from the previous month. This, mostly in part thanks to the massive rise of Splinterlands, another play-to-earn dapp that has seen massive usage spikes.

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Single games boosting entire blockchains

... One of the blockchains that made the most strides during August was Hive. The Hive blockchain is known for its rapid transactional speed and low fees, making it an ideal place to host blockchain games. Home to several social dapps, Hive registered more than 224,000 unique wallets in August, a 459% increase month-over-month and a stunning 1,408% increase from the previous year.

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... Splinterlands drives the success of Hive and has become the latest play-to-earn game to enjoy mass usage. The card game attracted over 207,000 unique wallets in August alone. In the same timeframe, the game created a stunning 61.24 million transactions (60.59% increase month-over-month) whilst generating over $530,750 in transaction volume. Splinterlands currently represents 92.43% of the network’s total usage.

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The Top NFT Sales August 2021

See some sales results at the NFT market


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