BATTLE MAGE SCRETS: Aim True, Ain't Missing Any


Hello Hivers, welcome to my weekly Splinterlands Post. This is one new kind of post, BATTLE MAGE SECRETS, a new concept of weekly challenge which replace our beloved SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge. This week BATTLE MAGE SECRETS is about AIM TRUE.

Aim True Ruleset is a ruleset that makes every monsters in battlefield won't miss any of their attacks. All attacks will land successfully regardless the speed difference or the dodging/evading ability that are available in the battle. This means all blind, flying dodge, and phase ability are useless. Now the question is... What should we do if we have this ruleset in our battle?


Because all hits will land perfectly, no need to think much about high evasive monsters... Their Ability is useless, unless you need their attack to kill opponents, or their health as the meat shield. Speed is still important, not to dodge, but to decide who moves first and this could mean the first one to move will make the kill first.


Because all hits will land, this means we experience things like in Bronze League, which the battle result will be decided by the basic mechanic, who hit harder, who hit first, and who has the highest health.

Of course this won't be as dull as bronze league. We still have plenty of decisive abilities. However the battle mechanism will erase those dodging and evading stuffs.

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We had 3 rulesets here, the first one was AIM TRUE, our main ruleset topic in this week. The other two were:

  1. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE : No Melee monsters in this battle
  2. FEROCITY : All monsters have fury ability

So what we should do next? From these rulesets and 23 manacap, we could set some strategy based on these logics:

  • FEROCITY = No taunt monsters. Forget about Wave Brood or Algor Longtail.
  • 23 Mana cap, either to build a team consist of 6 small mana monsters, or one big monsters and the rest support that big guy. I chose 6 small monsters in this case.
  • Life - Water - Dragon: I was in doubt to pick Water or Dragon. However I decided I went with dragon.
PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Summoner-1 range an -1 SpeedI need Quix the Devious, I believe he is one of the best summoner out there. Actually I want to pick Life Element, but General Sloan won't fit my plan because he offers +1 range damage only.

The Tank

Picking the tank with no Melee ruleset is always be challenging one. Mostly we will think we go with the mage, that's the simplest way however in this case we know for sure our opponent will come with some anti mage counter meta.

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Main TankFly, Magic Reflect, divine shieldThis is one of my all time favorite small mana tank, Pelacor Conjurer. Despite being cheap on the market and require only 2 mana, this dude is one hell of strong non attacking tank. 7 health point for a 2 mana monster is great, and not only having decent health, his abilities are top notch too. The problem I have with him is he won't be dodging any attack in this battle, but I think that should be ok regarding I can not think of any replacement for him
SecondScavengerHonestly this is not a good choice. I should have picked chaos agent for this position, a non attacking 0-1 mana monsters. I do not have 1 mana range monster in this battle. Why Kra'ar? Honestly I think he has been sitting on the bench too long, a free rider, so I drag him into this team

The Team

Ok now the rest of the team... they are a bunch of damage dealer, and my main monster is Pelacor Arbalest. I put him on behind and hopefully he can keep killing opponents and leads the team to victory.

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
ThirdSlow, RustDisputable, She is one of the most dangerous non legendary Life Element Chaos legion monster. For a 4 mana, you can get slow, rust, and 2 magic damage and to put it better, he can be played during Little League ruleset too. The only weakness she has is a low health, unless your opponent tem has a monster with snipe or opportunity ability, Time Mage will be a pain in the ass for your opponent
FourthTank Heal, dispelMany people have not realized yet that Venary Crystalsmith is one of the core Life Element monsters in Modern Format. She is the only Life element tank healer you can get in modern format that's why she always be my main support monster. She does not stand out but her stats is enough for her to keep up with any top notch monsters.
FifthBackfireNaga is a great choice for a 2 mana monster. Too bad she is in Dragon Element, most of the time people won't need her because there are many ridiculously strong Dragon with high mana requirement to be picked. Her backfire ability will be her main selling point but with Aim True Ruleset I only need her speed and damage here.. Later I think it's a mistake to put her here, maybe I should have put her in front of Venari Crystalsmith or Time mage
LastDouble Strike, FlyMy main damage dealer and the core of my team. With true aim ruleset, double strike is very lethal. I think it's safe to put him here because I think the posibiity to meet sneaking mage such as Coral Wraith is very low

After I submitted my team I realized that Kra'ar Xoc and Naga Assassin weren't the best choices, they weren't bad but there were other monsters who might worked better on that position. However I was still positive the team would work well



~Click The Image Above To See the Full Battle~


This was a Gold League Modern Rank Battle. I was using Backrrrsantan account, a scholarship account from Bulldog1205, our famous and favorite streamer. Both parties looked to have a good meta. I came with a combination of Magic-Range attackers, they did the same. Both of us brought a healer too in our team.



  • The battle started with both of us Buffing up our team and debuffing our opponents.
  • My opponent came with 2 Magic damage, and 2 range damage. combined all they became 4 damage per round. Quix The Devious -1 range damage really delivered significant impact here
  • My team had 2 magic Damage and 6 range damage. A total 8 Damage per round. This number was double from my opponents'



  • Round 2 started with both of us still having all our monsters alive. However their team crumbled after my Venari Crystalsmith killed their Djinn Oshannus




  • This was the end, because no way they could kill my Pelacor Conjurer with 1 range attack from Kulu Deepswimmer.



  • This was the last round.

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I won perfectly in that battle, however it did not mean my opponent was weak. He came very well prepared, it's just that his meta was very weak toward or got countered by my meta. Let's see some point we have got from this battle

No Melee = more monsters available againt magic attack than range attack

Mage is more useful than range monster because they can hit from main tank position, however there is a price for this... with no Melee monsters available, there are more ranges and mages who have magic defensive skill (void armor, void, magic reflect) than a range defensive skill (shield and headwinds). In this case, I have won because my opponent forgot to calculate this, and ended up having their range monsters got debuffed.

They made a good defensive approach by having Kelya +1 armor, but my Time Mage's RUST negated that. So basicly they failed to do anything about "RANGE". This was their main failure.

Aim True Ruleset demands some healers

I think its valid to say that, because both of us using healers at any cost. Because all attack definitely will land, we can not avoid damages. So repair, heal, and tank heal play greater part here.

In this battle, my opponent did the right thing. He had Djinn Oshannus, a high health tank. He got healed pretty well and made a great wall there.

RANGE monsters get the most advantage, but AIM TRUE is not a Close Range Ruleset

Range monsters get more benefit from AIM TRUE than magic monsters. Magic is lesslikely to miss, unless opponents have phase ability. Range on contrary, tend to miss because not all range monsters are fast enough.

However having to many range can backfire at yourself, which this happened to my opponent. He lost because when Oshannus fell, they range monsters started unable to attack. always remember this, AIM TRUE never offer a Close Range ability. A Range monsters will always be useless on main tank position unless they have Close Range ability.

Ok that's all for today post. Have fun with your AIM TRUE battles!!

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Thank you for visiting my BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

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Pelacor Arbalest is the have great damage in aim true..savage!!