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Hello all, Welcome back again to my Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. This Week we have DJINN INFERNI as our theme, he is an Epic Rarity Monster of Fire Element from Chaos Legion Edition. However I want to make a detour here, so I pick another monster, one of the best and my all time favorite, BILA THE RADIANT

Shorten lore: She came to the city as a benevolent savior, a selfless servant of the people, but also a wizard whose magical powers are unmatched on the Mount Mox battlefield. She fights solely for Khymeria, a fact which has attracted the suspicion of not only the Order of the Silver Shield, but the Gloridax and the Dragon Masters.


I am quite amazed that this oustanding mage is not favorable widely. Many seems not to like her and prefer more on CORSAIR BOSUN, the new reach melee monster from Rift Watcher. So Let see how good this girl who I think a lot better than that Bosun dude.

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I pick this battle, one of my modern ranked battle of Gold League. I was using Life Element and my opponent came with Water Element led by Kelya Frendul. Anyway, these were my line ups:

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Summoner-1 range an -1 SpeedQuix the Devious is the first Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner. He is one of the best summoner too, because both of his debuffs are working well making your opponents weaker. If you check on He is one of the summoner who has very high win rate
Main TankFly, Recharge, HealingUriel The Purifier is the best heavy tank from Chaos Legion Life Element. He has high heath, high armor, healing and good speed with a fly ability to dodge opponent physical attacks. The only weakness he has is his attack type which is a recharge, he will attack once in two turns and this is not a good one during certain condition/rulesets.
SecondLife Leech, Divine ShieldBila is one of my all time favorite Life Element monster. I think she is one of the best mage too in this game. She hits hard, and leeches opponent's health. One of the best pair with Uriel, when Uriel dies, she will have got a massive health and will be harder to knock down.
ThirdSlowDisputable, She is one of the most dangerous non legendary Life Element Chaos legion monster. For a 4 mana, you can get slow and 2 magic damage and to put it better, he can be played during Little League ruleset too. The only weakness she has is a low health, unless your opponent tem has a monster with opportunity ability, Time Mage will be a pain in the ass for your opponent
FourthFly, Repair, ResurrectAdelade Brightwing definitely is one of the best support from Chaos Legion edition. The only weakness she has is that she is slow, but it's ok for her being slow, else she will be OP.
FifthTank HealMany people have not realized yet that Venari Crystalsmith is one of the core Life Element monsters in Modern Format. She is the only Life element tank healer you can get in modern format that's why she always be my main support monster. It feels bitter if I build up a Life Team without her.
LastBlastMy third damage dealer and of course our main theme this week. Initially like her a lot better than Pelacor Arbalest due to her armor, however after several battles I recognize she is a lot stronger and dangerous than Pelacor Arbalest

Recently I have been spamming this line up and getting a lot of wins from it. I even have posted this line up as one of splinterlands post here:


Round 1


  • This battle started by each parties buffed and debuffed monsters.
  • My opponent came with 6 Melee Damage and 9 magic damage, combined all become 15 damages per turn.
  • My team had 3 Melee damage, 5 range damage and 7 magic damage. Total damage was 15 damage per turn.
  • Somehow our fire power was equal.

Round 2


Round 2 started the same as round 1. It seemed both of us really relied a lot on our main tank

Round 3


Not much changed from the beginning. Both of our tank were heavily damaged and in a near death condition

Round 4


  • Both of our main tank had fallen. This time my BILA comes up and fighting the Oshannus. Both were one of the best mage tank in this game.

Round 5


Oshannus finally knocked out. This time Runemancer Kye came replacing him. She was similar to BILA, a life sucking magician. This would turn up as a long battle, so I would fast forwarding it.

Round 7


Runemancer Kye lost to BILA. Bila was still there, taking up all the damage my opponents delivered.

Round 9


This was the last round. BILA was so strong that she withstood all the damage until the end.

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Battle Discussion:

This battle started with both party on equal power, but the end was nasty for my opponent. So why my opponent lost that badly?


During Equalizer ruleset, everyone has the same health point. So we need to differentiate by having more armor, healing, tank heal and triage. This is one of the main point where my opponent I can say, make a mistake.

He set up a great team, without Equalizer ruleset definitely I will lose this one. However he did not have any healing or support ability, meanwhile I have Venari Crystalsmith with Tank Heal, and Uriel the Purifier with his Healing. This made a big difference which ended up they could not take down Uriel quickly and this gave time for my BILA to build up her Health Points.


Quix The Devious is extra ordinary effective, he is not the strongest summoner however he tends to work well in almost all sitution.

In this battle, Quix the Devious with the help of time mage, manage to kill opponents' speed. Oshannus and Deep Lurker were still fast, but the rest only had 1 speed.


In regular condition, definitely Runemancer KYE is the stronger one. However this is not a Share your battle : RUNEMASTER KYE post

The reason why I think BILA is a bit better is because the LIFE ELEMENT needs her more than WATER ELEMENT needs RUNEMANCER KYE. As I said earlier above, people now prefer to have Corsair Bosun as BILA replacement. It means she only has BOSUN as her competitor for secondary tank. Meanwhile we have plenty of great mages such as Djin Oshannus, Phantom of Abyss, Nerissa Tridawn and some more as RUNEMANCER KYE competitors.

I hope my post here can rise up a bit awareness about BILA THE RADIANT, because I know many people have started forgetting her.

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Thank you for visiting my Weekly Battle Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

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Good Job! Thanks for shared this game with us.