Land Ahoy!!! WOO Lands Available Now

Hi all, WOO (Wrestling Organization Online) Land General Sale has started this week, precisely started on March 16th at 9 AM Eastern Time, you can check @wrestorgonline official general sale post here. I might be seen a bit late making this post, however the timing is exactly as I have planned before.

Recently we have got an update about Splinterlands Lands whitepaper and many people discussing it intensely everywhere. The FOMO was very strong, even until now as I was writing this post, so I thought delaying this post for a couple of days should be a better decision.

As we all know, in all Blockchain Games, or play to earn games, LAND NFT is the ultimate NFT which all gamers seek. In WOO Game, we call this Land pack as $WOOPARTSUN which stands as Woo Parts Unknown. Here is some quick information I can share from their official post:

  • $WOOPARSTUN is a pack, consist of 1 Land NFT per pack
  • The words "Parts Unknown" refers to territory attributes which will be announced/revealed in the future
  • Land Packs Available: 10,000
  • Official Pricing : $20 or $15 if you burn 500 $WOO
  • Payment: PayPal or crypto (Hive-Engine Token,including Splinterlands' DEC and SPS)

There will be some donation from this $WOOPACKSUN sale. 10% of each sale goes directly to wrestling partners. So It's not only a business, or a fun gaming activities we will have later in future, but there is some good deeds or merits we indirectly do by participating in this sale.


I am not a guy who say recommend things that I haven't tried myself. I won't get excited of things that I haven't experienced myself, So here I will show you how I open my own packs and what's the result is.

We can start by opening this web:


As we can see above, there are 5 kind of packs in WOO game. I have bought 3 Lands pack from @cartel-woo group buy during whitelist sale and I got 1 from participating in WOO event. What Woo Event? There are plenty, make sure to join WOO discord here for those event and ofcourse, for some more FUN!!


The pack opening loading is a laggy one, it takes more than a few seconds so don't get panic if you haven't seen any progress during those period.



I assume we do this FILO (First In Last Out), I open this first one as the last one I got from that event, the WOO Blog.


When I moved my cursor on that part, It highlighted a Golden Yellow frame. In Splinterlands this is LEGENDARY sign!!!


Turned out It's just a decent 5 stars land. I don't know whose Idea is to prank people using a Splinterlands LEGENDARY sign like that, but definitely I will give some payback to the Developer by robbing their $SCRAP in other game



I bought 3 from Cartel Woo Land pool at 51 SWAP.HBD. Let see what are inside them


I think this is a good pull. I get 8 stars city, not the best but the second best one. There is no official announcement pf exact drop rate of those lands' Stars, however the lowest and hard one is the 9 stars. I believe they use normal distribution, so we will be seeing a lot of 4-7 stars everywhere.

So nothing much to worry here, don't get scared of getting 3 stars only. go out there, grab your packs, and open them... because there won't be any stacking or airdrop on this $WOOPARTSUN pack.


As usual like the other HIVE GAMES outthere, there are two alterntive for people to buy this WOO Lands pack. The first one is buying directly from official store, and the other one is bidding or buying them in secondary market (Hive Engine).



Buying from Official Store is the easiest way, you can do that by visiting their website here:


As I writing this post now, there are 6.509 packs available from their store. The price is $20 but they are giving $5 deduction if you willing to burn 500 $WOO per packs. Those 500 $WOO is valued around $0.1, so we can call it a $5 price cut.


Above are the crypto currencies they accept as the payment. After you finish the transacton, $WOOPARTSUN will be delivered within seconds.


Hive Engine or Tribal-Dex, both are the same only differs in User Interface, are a marketplace for Hivers to trade their tokens. You can check it on this website:


The secondary market works as a trading market, not as a store. There are Buy and Sell orders there, when price meets thats when a transaction can be proceeded.

Currently there was some dude selling this woo land pack on $12.583 a lot cheaper than the official store. This is why secondary market is so interesting, sometime we find people in need of quick cash in of their assets, so if we are lucky, we will get our needs in a very discounted price.



Of course this doesn't mean secondary market offers a bigger profit. The process sometime takes days, because we need to fight or compete with some bots. And cheap price doesn't appear everyday, sometime it takes weeks or some special occasion to make people start dumping their assets.


Both way are good, they have their own pros and cons. Personally I go with Secondary Market, because I am a very small budgeted player. By buying in secondary market I have a risk that I do not know when I get my packs, and I need to keep checking the market periodically, to change my pricing startegy.

If you have some more budgets, please go to the official store. Remember 10% of you purchase will be donated to their wrestling partners. That's a very good deed because some of them are really in need of our help. Many athletes including pro Wrestlers do not get a good life after retirement due to limited supports out there.


WOO stands for WRESTLING ORGANIZATION ONLINE, It's a play to earn TCG with Wrestling as their core theme. The game has not been released yet so you can check their roadmap below:

If you want to deep dive about this game, you can check these items below: