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In the old days when Chaos Legion hasn't been sold yet, Feral Spirit was everyone favorite of sneak attackers in life element deck. His speed was and still amazing for a 3 mana card. For beginner stage, definitely this card was a beter choice that elven cutlass. Compared to Chaos Legion selection, it's a good debate picking which one is better, Stitch Leech or Feral Spirit. One has higher damage, the other one speed.


Now back to our topic, here the rulesets I got for this challenge


  • HOLY PROTECTION ~ All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability. With this ability given to all monsters, this battle would be a long fight.
  • 38 MANA ~ With this amount of Mana, having 6 monsters is a must.

For A long fight, my favorite is Bila The Radiant. She has Life Leech ability, the longer the fight goes, the stronger she gets. However my opponent could use water element deck, which there would be a great possibility Alric would come with his full magic squad.

So here ws my plan, I would use 2 tanks. First was Bila The Raiand and the Second was Shield Bearer behind Bila. I would bring Feral Spirit because it needed only 3 mana and I needed back up plan which was sneak attack to kill their most protected monster behind.

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
SummonerChanseus The GreatRepair, Triage, ResurectThis is the perfect summoner to support ShieldBearer. Chanseus protects backline monster very well
Main TankBila The RadiantLife LeechAs the battle progresses, Bila will keep leeching opponent health and making herself as gigantic wall
SecondShield BearerTauntThe reason I put him behind because using taunting main tank sometimes goes very wrong, taking too much damage and dies in first round. The other reason is the selected summoner, Chanseus The Great.
ThirdDjinn RenovaStrengthenShe and Bila would be the main damage dealer in my team
FourthVenari CrystalsmithTank HealShe only has one job, keeping Bila alive
FifthCreeping OozeSlowa filler who slows all opponent
LastFeral SpiritSneakour main actor in this post, this kitty has a job to kill an opponent behind

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If you want to see the battle directly, you can see it directly here:

battle - feral spirit 1 - 0.jpg

This kind of battle is what I like, I and my opponent come not using standard level 1 monsters. I got very excited seeing my opponent used all 6 gold foil monsters. A life deck vs a life deck, the different was that I used magic attack as my main attack force, hitting directly from their front and my opponent used melee attack led by Silvershield Knight and divided his attack one from front the other from behind (sneak attack). Let's see how it goes


feral round 1.gif

Having Divine Shield Ability, we could expect nobody got killed in the first round. My side managed to damage their Silvershield Knight and they managed to hurt my Bila. Both of us looked standing on equal ground, all seemed equel with no significant progress on first round.


feral round 2.gif

Silvershield Knight was down, Bila 3 magic attack was too much for him. Silvershield Knight is a great hitter, has a piercing ability, great speed, and a good leader with a great buff ability the INSPIRE. However he can't evade magic, that's his major weakness. Having him down early making the whole team got weakened from the lost of** INSPIRE** buff. Meanwhile my summoner Chanseus The Great Managed to keep my Shieldbearer alive by healing and repairing the armor.


feral round 3.gif

Round 3 went the same as round 1. I attack their Luminous Eagle but the divive shield ability from the Holy Protection ruleset kept the bird flying alive. They kept giving massive damage to my Shieldbearer, but it was still far from killing him.


feral round 4.gif

This round Luminous Eagle died, again by Bila the Radiant. Opponent lost 2 of their front attackers. In this condition, everything was settled, I would win this battle and that's only a matter of time.


feral round 5.gif

Round 5, the same as round 3 and round 1, this time their Silvershield Assasin was saved due to Divine Protection.


feral round 6.gif

Double kill!!! Feral Spirit stroke down their Divine Healer and Bila made her third consecutive kills.


feral round 7.gif

It was amazing that my opponent could survive the sixth round.


feral round 8.gif

This was the last round, with only Armorsmith left, nothing my opponent could do.

life divider - flauwy.png
The Key Winning Point are:

  • Opponent attacks were divided, so they failed to kill any of mine
  • Maybe my opponent was to fixated with his/her Gold Foil collection
  • Feral Spirit speed is ridiculous, rarely he misses or gets hit

Thank you for visiting my weekly battle challenge, and don't forget to thank you for these people too: