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Hi everyone, welcome back to my Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge This is my entry for Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. This time I have decided rather than using my Splinterlands Weekly Giveaway as an entry for the challenge, It seems better make a new post about some monster in the game. Let see, this is our selected monster:

Desert Dragon - resized.jpg
The Desert Dragon is most commonly found east of the Jade Thickett, on the sandy plains of the Ixzoc. Its long neck is banded red and black, with savage horns that sprout from its head and vicious fangs more wicked than scimitars that line its jaws. Quite often assumed as a lumbering, flightless giant with wings that are tattered and torn, many make the mistake that it cannot move quickly and will sometimes stray too close. But any that have seen it hunt the plain grazers will know, not only can the beast move with considerable speed, the terrifying charge will often leave its target rooted to the spot with terror, unable to flee its impending doom. The Desert Dragon is so big that on rare occasions its attack has been mistaken for seismic activity and minor earthquakes.

You might think why would I like to post another Splinterlands Battle Challenge Theme : Dessert Dragon again, but hey.... It's a bit different, this is not just a battle challenge, it's more like doing a trial of certain idea.


My idea was about how to get the Desert Dragon enraged, as the picture below:

enraged dessert dragon.jpg

You see, 8 attack damage with a Piercing Ability will mostlikely kill most of small to medium monsters, especially those which don't have armors or Shield ability.

Battle Preparation

The battle that I was looking for was any battle that had STAMPEDE and SPREADING FURY Rulesets. Luckily I got that last week:


  • STAMPEDE ~ The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
  • SPREADING FURY ~ All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
  • 25 MANA

Innitially I wanted to use this battle for Splinterlands Battle Challenge Theme : Time Mage but I saw in this battle Desert Dragon become too dominant and I hardly could see Time Mage contribution

So here was my simple lineup:

PositionCardAbilityPlan and Strategy
Summoner-1 range and -1 speedQuix was my perfect choice this time. -1 range was good to guard Dessert Dragon from big range attacker such as Axe Master and -1 speed would do well in helping Dessert Dragon hit the opponents
Main TankTrample, PiercingMy lab rat in this battle
SecondReachI wanted him to help reducing opponent main tank's health or armor
ThirdSlowI needed her slow ability
FourthTank HealI felt empty if I had no healers in my team. 3 speed was good enough to give some blast to enemy first
The LastFly, OpportunityI had 2 mana left, so I pick this harpy. Initially I wanted to put Silvershield Knight, but silly me I forgot to rent him in so I divided the last 6 mana to Sunkai Harvester and Celestial Harpy

Actually I only needed these two,Time mage and Quix The Devious, who would reduce 2 opponent's speed. I was not very sure that time if I needed them both, because if none could damage my Desert Dragon first, it would not get enraged.

hive divider - eve66.png


If you want to see the battle directly, you can see it directly here:

battle 0.jpg

I was very happy seeing opponent's line up, they had Ice Pixie. That Pixie would definitely make desert Dragon enraged

Round 1 and The last

dessert dragon battle.gif

  • The game started as both party buffing and debuffing their monsters and opponent's monsters.
  • As Predicted, It finished in 1 round. My project was finished well

Let's Zoom it and See what happened

zoomed battle.gif

I got my Dessert Dragon enraged, and as we could see above... 8 melee damage was too much for them. However I had two regrets in this battle

  1. I should have picked Water Element as the secondary, It would allow me to have Demented Shark and River Hellondale. Double Inspire Ability would have made an Enraged Desert Dragon with 10+ Melee damage
  2. If only opponent brought some bigger monsters so this battle such as Demented shark, Deep Lurker, or Venari Wavesmith... I could give a better showcase about Desert Dragon stamping big monsters.

hive divider - eve66.png


desset dragon stats.jpg

I am happy that my idea of having enraged Desert Dragon worked well. I might make the 3rd post about Desert Dragon later, when I get to Gold League battle and have the dragon 3rd ability activated... RETALIATE.

Anyway lets resume all about it now

  • It's a better thing we need atleast one speed buff or a speed debuffer. We are avoiding any miss from this dragon attacks
  • It seems higher mana won't be a problem. Initially I think that is a bad idea regarding the low health point. Having a monster with taunt ability might help us minimize this weakness
  • Make sure next time we bring monsters with Inspire... The higher attack damage the merrier.
  • I have an awesome thought... one day I will make a post abut this Desert Dragon at highest level, which means 6 melee damage with a giant Killer Ability. I wonder how awesome it is if it kills the like of Grum and Uriel in one hit.

hive divider - eve66.png


Thank you for visiting my Social Media Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

  • splinterlands : for holding weekly battle challenge events
  • carrieallen : for ultimate markdown tutorial
  • eve66 : for wonderful divider art


Very satisfying when a trample ability wipe’s out your opponent’s team in one go.


yup, I will try to trample more big monster later in future... right now I haven't got the cards needed


LoL I just realized I typed DESSERT not DESERT on thumb pic... I must be hungry when making this postuntitled.gif


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Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Enraged dragons are... dangerous!